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Eric Canete goes sketch crazy on Twitter and Instagram

Eric Canete
has been ramping up interest for March’s Emerald City Comic Con, where he’ll be selling a sketchbook called Monsters and Dames, by posting tantalizing glimpses of works in progress via his Instagram feed and the finished work on his Twitter account.

A while back, Canete vowed on his blog to no longer sketch copyrighted characters, so if you requested, say, a Big Barda sketch, he’d instead do a piece for you based on his reimagining of Kirby’s initial concept of a warrior goddess. There’s clearly some of this notion going on with these pieces; I think we all could take a guess at which characters possibly inspired which drawings. Some of the pictures below may be regarded as NSFW, depending on your boss’ tolerance for cartoon pokies or under-boob.



Why is he not on a regular book that I collect???

I agree, Greg. His work is amazing and the very few moments he’s gotten to do small stories here and there (plus these gorgeous drawings) make me want to see more and more of his work. If the Big Two aren’t interested, I’m surprised he has been approached by a writer to do something through Image. I remember seeing Kurt Busiek giving him some love on his sketches, over twitter. I’d love a sci-fi/fantasy book by the two of them…

Canete’s working on Destroyer, part of Ivan Brandon’s Offset Comics line. Hopefully, that’ll debut this year.

thanks for the info ian, will definitely look for that book

He also did some sort of French detective comic. Not sure if it’ll be released in the US. Which is too bad. Have loved Canete’s work for a very long time, and the only original comic art I own was a cover he drew.

I’d be happy just buying his sketchbooks.

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