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Exclusive Preview | Young Avengers #2

From Young Avengers #2

We’re probably as excited about Young Avengers as we are about any of the titles launching as part of the Marvel NOW! initiative. Not only does the series reunite Phonogram collaborators Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, it teams Young Avengers mainstays like Hulking, Wiccan and Kate Bishop with Miss America, Marvel Boy and fan favorite Kid Loki — at least for starters.

“… What I want to do in Young Avengers is build a kind of larger metastructure that you can use to explore any part of the teen-leaning Marvel Universe outside the traditional doctrines of the larger government side heroes,” Gillen told Comic Book Resources in October. “I have a real strong vision for 12 issues. I have no idea if I’ll be staying on after that or going, but I have 12 definitive, brilliant issues, or maybe 13. After that Young Avengers will be set up as a device where you can go to any of the Marvel Universe locales where teen heroes live and work like the West Coast with the Runaways or the Jean Grey School. It’s a very wide ranging book in that way. For me it’s super heroism as a metaphor for talent and deciding what you want to do with it. There’s a line in my original proposal for this that the original Young Avengers book was kind of about being 16. This book is about being 18.”

Although we still have to wait a few weeks for the debut of Young Avengers — Jan. 23, to be exact — Marvel has provided ROBOT 6 with an exclusive first look at Issue 2, due to arrive Feb. 27:

Young Avengers #2 cover by Jamie McKelvie

Variant Cover by STEPHANIE HANS
• Has Wiccan made a horrible mistake that comes back to bite everyone on their communal posteriors? Spoilers: Yes.
• Does this guest star the Uncanny Avengers? Spoilers: Also Yes.
• A figure from Loki’s past emerges. Friend? Foe? What will it be? Spoilers: It’s Foe.
• And much more from Marvel’s most critically acclaimed book. Yes, we’re saying it’s critically acclaimed and it’s not even out yet. We are very bad.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$2.99



fuck I love McKelvie’s art.

Ha, I thought McKelvie was joking about Rogue’s haircut

I absolutely love his art! His Billy and Teddy look amazing, and I kind of dig his Wanda too, though I wish that her redesign had allowed her coat to have a more cape-like, flowy effect than it does. (Which, sadly, has nothing to do with McKelvie’s art.)

I’m not terribly thrilled about this. I’m used to the Young Avengers being neglected by Marvel, but now it seems like now their own book is going to focus on everything except the characters I’d be reading it for.

Can’t we just have a solid Young Avengers book?

This books looks like it may be a little to much about Hulkling and Wiccan. Having gay characters is cool but I hope that’s not the focus of these characters or the book.

Anyway, I think this book cost twice as much a books from any other big companies so I’ll passing.

Just conjecturing from the wordless art and facial expressions Billy is informing his mother that Teddy is pregnant!

can’t wait though from that one pannel looks like wican is getting a little talking to by wanda .

God damn, I said, GOD DAMN I love McKelvie’s art, so great, even with only the inking done. Heck, even the Uncanny Avengers look better than John Cassaday’s versions, and this is coming from a long time, hardcore John Cassaday art fan.

Nice art! Love the Byrne/Austin-esque carpet in that last page featuring the Uncanny Avengers. One gripe, can somebody please re-design Havok and the Scarlet Witch or return them to their classic look? Their new design is just frumpy and atrocious!!

Stephanie Hans’ variant is beautiful.

hey 2.99! i’ll definitely give the first issue a try. It’s amazing, even McKelvie can’t make cap’s new costume look good. that outfit is terrible

Not a big fan of McKelvie’s style of art but am most intrigue to see how the story develops. The preview in Marvel NOW 1 months ago got me curious.

Scarlet Witch’s latest outfit looks like one of mum’s dresses from the ’80s. Epic fail, Marvel!! Bleargh!

Not a fan of any of these characters, so I’ll pass. Hopefully, it’ll be a success and whenever Gillen and McKelvie do something else for Marvel, may it be with characters I enjoy.

No Eli “Patriot” Bradley? I’m not buying til he shows up.

I was a huge fan of Young Avengers, and I miss Patriot, Speed, Vision, and Stature. :( The art on the new book looks awesome! I’m not entirely sure if that’s Wiccan because he can fly, maybe he lost his powers? I was going to wait for the trade to come out, but I will have to add this to my pull list for sure! XD

There’s an obscure problem with vague art so I won’t buy. I will claim to support then claim they’re why I won’t buy the book. I will say the creators are favorites then not trust them to create something I enjoy.

Have I covered them all?

Speed, Vision and Patriot would be nice additions to this team. I have to think some of them might join when Kid Loki eventually goes postal. I’d love a version of Iron Lad without Kang, I just loved the armor, colors and an “Iron Man” type not closely connected to Tony Stark..This series should be pretty good anyway and I don’t expect this to be the set team forever.

LikeaPhoenix – I agree on those costumes. Wish Havok has the classic look with the dynamic of the spirals on the headpiece. Nothing was wrong with Scarlet Witch’s classic look (or Cap’s for that matter!). I much prefer their classic looks to these versions. Haven’t liked Rogue’s look in a long time, not since the Jim Lee costume went away (one of his few costumes I miss).

McKelvie’s art looks really nice, just wish he had better designs to work with for the guest-stars here.

Joe Huber I’m with you on all counts except Captain America’s costume. I prefer the more military less circus performer/swashbucklerbooted Cap. He’s a soldier not a Cirque du soleil performer. So as a former soldier myself I appreciate the more modern quasi-military look.

Ugh. Scarlet Witch’s new costume looks awful. Who the hell greenlighted this new design? I just want to snatch off her headpiece every time she comes on panel. But, yes, McKelvie’s art is amazing.

What happened to Wiccan’s brother, Speed?

I love the focus point between Hulkling and Wiccan! You have several other Marvel comics to read if you feeling a little homophobic Ryan. Just enjoy reading Young Avengers and remove some of that hetro-ego back some, good day.

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