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Exclusive sneak peek at Hellboy: The Midnight Circus

Cast your mind back to when you first heard Mike Mignola was giving up art duties on Hellboy to allow the title to come out with more frequency. Remember that feeling.  Now remember how surprisingly conflicted you felt when you heard he was coming back to drawing the comic, after his substitute Duncan Fegredo had illustrated it so ably for five years, during what proved to be among the greatest sequence of stories in the character’s history.

Now, of course, we have the best of both worlds: Mignola is guiding his signature creation through the lands of his origin in Hellboy in Hell, and Duncan Fegredo is working on an original graphic novel, The Midnight Circus, featuring a young Hellboy when he was a pancake-guzzling lad living on an Air Force base in New Mexico, in the care of Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. The book is due “in the later half of 2013″ after some delays (Fegredo reports “the book would have been completed ages back but I had the opportunity to storyboard an unnamed movie”).

He sent to ROBOT 6 some “cryptic edits” of the boisterous lil’ hellion in action. It looks typically great: Here’s an early glimpse at what will probably prove to be many people’s book of 2013.



General question:

Am I the only one who has become kind of Hellboy’d-out?

(Requisite disclaimer: I’m not saying anyone SHOULD, I’m not saying that Hellboy is or has become crap, in fact I think the quality has remained remarkably consistent, and aware that lots of people continue to find each new installment entertaining, and I AM GLAD FOR THEM.)

But does anyone else just feel like the magic has worn off? It’s kind of like “wow, that was an awesome meal, but I don’t want any more of it because I’m simply stuffed full.” I’m just curious whether I’m the only one.

I’m not so much Hellboy’d out as I am BPRD’d out; however, I know what you mean.

I stopped reading both books a long time ago, they just weren’t capturing my imagination the way other books did. The Del Toro flicks kinda ruined them for me.

I thought Mike Mignola was untouchable until Duncan’s run on Hellboy, which I was really sad to see the end of. Having both versions alive and kicking is about as good as it gets.

I dunno fellas, I’m pretty hard to please and I’m firmly in the “each Hellboy series is better than the last” camp.

If the stories were getting poor, or the artwork not up to it (I’ve not been that keen on some of the one-off stories’ art work), then maybe I’d get tired of Hellboy, but the only thing better than Fegredo drawing it is Mignola returning. I read the first ‘…In Hell’ installment and remembered why I usually wait for trade paperbacks. It stopped so soon. Want more.

Hellboy in Hell is the first Hellboy comic I haven’t been able to wait for the trade for. It’s been incredible so far. Far from being burnt out, I’m just getting hungrier for more.

To each heir own, but I could never get “hellboy’d” out.

The more Hellboy, the merrier. And young’un Hellboy – oh yeah, this looks like fun!

Can’t say I am friend. Hellboy and his universe seems to be the most consistent in quality and I never feel disappointed after reading a trade. To me it’s the only universe (except maybe Fables) that has kept true to a singular vision and not had any kind of editor manipulation.

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