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First look at finished panels from Millar & Quitely’s Jupiter’s Legacy

The Hollywood Reporter teases the April debut of Jupiter’s Legacy with a first look at colored and lettered art from the Image Comics series from Mark Millar, Frank Quitely and Peter Doherty.

Announced in January as Jupiter’s Children, the 12-issue miniseries centers on the offspring of superheroes who have essentially squandered their inheritance, failing to live of to the example set by their parents, who gained their powers in the 1920s after discovering a mysterious island.

“We have the last remains of these old-school heroes and their mainly vacuous children living in L.A., a massive disappointment to the first generation of super-people and just lost, no real direction in their lives beyond advertising gigs and opening night-clubs,” Millar explained in November. “This is literally where we find everyone and then we go into the future, taking these guys on a journey like we’ve never seen in comics before.”

On his message board, the writer indicted he’ll likely release more comics through Image, which published his unfinished 2008 miniseries War Heroes. “I like the Image guys,” he wrote. “I’m great friends with the Marvel guys too, of course, but seeing how this goes with Image. They’re doing great things over there and I have plans to do a lot more with them if this hits as big as I think it’s going to. Kick-Ass 3 is still going to be through Marvel’s Icon imprint, but I have high hopes for future stuff at Image.”

Check out some of the panels from Jupiter’s Legacy below, and visit The Hollywood Reporter to see more.



My love for Frank Quitely battling my distaste for Mark Millar as of late….

…Quitely might win out >_<

Are my eyes deceiving me? Are those backgrounds? That Quitely drew?

The character in the last panel looks a whole helluva lot like the main character – the writer – from Flex Mentallo.

I’ve been on the fence about JUPITER’S since last autumn. The last line of the last panel in the THR story has me interested again, “There’s nobody cool to fight anymore.”

My distaste for Millar is going to win out over my art-crush on Quitely in my decision to not buy this book. Especially after reading these dialogue snippets.

Wish the whole thing was set in the 1920s!

Is this meant to be 12 issues monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, twice a year, annually… etc?????

I want to know how many issues are in the can. I keep thinking issue 2 will be MIA.

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