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Francesco Francavilla targets Hawkeye in April

Hawkeye #10

Ahead of this morning’s release of April solicitations, Marvel has announced that Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla will join writer Matt Fraction for two issues of Hawkeye.

Francavilla, who previously worked for Marvel on Black Panther and Captain America and Bucky, will draw Hawkeye #10, which begins a new story — “the perfect jumping-on point for new readers,” the publisher states — as Clint Barton faces his deadliest foe yet: “Who pulled the trigger? Where have you seen him before? The answers will send everyone’s favorite archer reeling …” Francavilla will skip Issue 11, and then be back for Issue 12.

“On Hawkeye we’ve been blessed with not only one of the biggest writers in comics with Matt Fraction, but also some of the best artists like David Aja, Javier Pulido and now Francesco Francavilla,” Senior Editor Stephen Wacker said in a statement. “Though he’s only on the series for issues #10 and #12, Francesco is going to leave his mark on Clint with some of the most beautiful art you’ll see all year!”

Francavilla’s “super-noir” series The Black Beetle: No Way Out debuted this week from Dark Horse.




Rest of comics: PAY ATTENTION! This is what you should be doing!

Awesome fun comic that is well written and has a rotating cast of great artists. Aja, Pulido, Wu and now Francavilla. No filler crap or 18 inkers just to get the book out on time.

Davey Boy Smith

January 18, 2013 at 9:15 am

Not to mention Steve Lieber! That guy is amazing, and deserving of much more mainstream attention. I just love the visual consistency of Fraction’s Hawkeye, and the fact that so many issues have been stand-alone tales. Add to that the 2.99$ price-point and you get one of the very best titles to currently be published.

Marvellous news. Yet another fantastic artist on this book.

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