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George Takei teams up with Dick Tracy in latest storyline

George Takei and husband Brad Altman in today's "Dick Tracy"

A guest-starring role last month in Kevin Keller #6 was only the beginning for actor and gay-rights activist George Takei. Now the Star Trek veteran and his husband Brad Altman are teaming up with Dick Tracy.

The storyline began Jan. 13, when a lake was drained to reveal a forgotten World War II internment camp and a sealed bottle containing a nearly 70-year-old murder confession. Needing an expert on the camp’s history, Detective Tracy turned in yesterday’s installment to George Tarawa (later spelled “Tawara”), who’s clearly based on Takei. Today, Altman’s character is introduced.

“The story has a WWII internment connection, and we are truly honored to be a part of it,” Takei wrote on his Facebook page. He said the storyline will continue for about two months. Like the character in the strip, Takei and his family were interned by the U.S. government during World War II, held first at the horse stables of Santa Anna Park before being transferred to Arkansas and then back to California.

Artist Joe Staton and writer Mike Curtis have been the creative team on Dick Tracy since March 2011.



Takei is absolutely SICKENING!!! It’s too bad he can’t be erased from Star Trek history!!!

What are you on about Hank?

A story that needs to be told: how Curtis and Staton have revived “Dick Tracy” which was dying a slow death under Dick Locher. They are making sequential art!

Johnny Sarcastic

January 21, 2013 at 5:54 pm

Hank, what a stupid thing to say.

Star Trek takes place in the future, and everyone knows that the future possibilities are fluid.

Hank, WTF are you babbling about?

I hope the syndicate is paying Staton a mint. He is doing stellar work here, but I miss having his work in comic books.


0/10- Didn’t even troll me a for a second.

Curtis and Staton have done a superb job reviving the almost-dead Dick Tracy strip.
Note for comics fans, there’s LOTS of in-jokes and references including characters from other comic strips and comic books!
Now if only they’ll bring the “Moon Maid is Still Alive” sub-plot…

Mr. Hank you are a shame to Star Trek fans community. Thanks for God that today there isnt much more people like you in ST fan community.

The “Hank” who wrote first post that isn’t me, BTW. I’m a conservative but I don’t have anything against George T. Other than a general sense he’s getting positioned for Betty White levels of overexposure.

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