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‘Hullo, Kitten': Sam Humphries’ Tumblr celebrates mohawk-era Storm

From "The Uncanny X-Men" #180

Although I had seen the X-Men on an episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, my real introduction to Marvel’s mutant heroes was with 1983’s The Uncanny X-Men #173, purchased for me by my mother while I was home sick with one childhood illness or another. That issue also introduced Storm’s ’80s-punk look, meaning that, until I discovered a direct-market store and a back-issue bin a couple of years later, the only Ororo Munroe I knew had a mohawk and studded collar. (As an aside, Paul Smith’s rendition of Rogue, with her skunk stripe, led me to think for the longest time that she was middle-aged rather than a teenager.)

To this day, that version of Storm remains my favorite. It apparently also holds a special place in the heart of Sam Humphries, writer of Sacrifice, Ultimate Comics: The Ultimates and Uncanny X-Force, has launched F Yeah Mohawk Storm, a blog devoted to “comics, covers, fan art, cosplay, and fashion celebrating Mohawk Storm.”

You have to wonder what took so long for this to happen …



Mohawk Storm was the way she looked when I bought my first X-Men comic too, #181 when they came back from the Secret Wars with Lockheed and the other dragon from Battleworld. Nice to see I am not the only one who prefers that look to come back.

Punk/Mohawk Storm?

I’ve always thought that artist Paul Smith must’ve caught a Grace Jones concert for the inspiration…

I also believed Rogue was middle-aged when she was introduced. I don’t remember when it was stated how young she actually was.

i always thought rogue’s stripe meant she was punk, too!

i grew up on mohawk storm, and i think it’s only fair to mention that she had about 230% more sewer-gang-knife-fights than non-mohawk storm. and pretty much anyone else.

Mohawk Storm was one of the first signs that it was time for me to leave the X-Men — and comics — behind. It took me 20 years to come back.

I HATE the mohawk.

” i think it’s only fair to mention that she had about 230% more sewer-gang-knife-fights than non-mohawk storm.”

Actually she took over the Morlocks as non Mohawk Storm.

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