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Jason Latour promises to tie up Loose Ends

It turns out that Loose Ends, one of my favorite comics of 2011, didn’t disappear after all. It’s just taking a long, long time to finish.

In a lengthy interview with Comic Book Resources’ Timothy Callahan, Winter Soldier writer Jason Latour revealed the fourth and final issue of his “ambitiously layered” crime series (or, rather, “Southern crime romance”) will eventually be released. All that’s standing in the way is the schedule of artist Chris Brunner.

“I promise you, the title isn’t our private little Andy Kaufman bit,” he told Callahan. “We haven’t seen Issue 4 yet because it’s an attempt to do something that’s, as you said, ‘ambitiously layered.’ The final chapter maybe more so than the rest of the book combined. Couple that with some extenuating circumstances that have arisen on Brunner’s end, and that’s why we are where we are. It would be a much different circumstance if either of us had the resources of Marvel or DC. But as it is, Chris is working hard on the last issue at the pace he can afford. The hope is when it’s all said and done it’ll be a story that stands nicely, free of the monthly market.”

Debuting in July 2011 from 12 Gauge Comics, Loose Ends is an engaging and gorgeous (Rico Renzi’s colors are stellar) miniseries that operates squarely within the conventions of the genre — it starts with a war vet turning to drug running only to be sidetracked by a face from his past, a situation that can’t end happily — but it does so incredibly well. (Don’t just believe me: Callahan wrote a terrific review of the first issue.) The third issue arrived in November 2011, and then … well, things happened.

So, clearly, the promise of a resolution to Loose Ends is cause for celebration. In the meantime, I recommend tracking down those first three issues.



That’s funny, cause he’s gonna have to time up some loose ends on Winter Soldier when it inevitably gets canceled within the year.

It’s not funny for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is that Chris Brunner isn’t the artist on Winter Soldier.

I’m glad to finally read some news about this. I’ve been wondering about this & have seen little to nothing about it.

The question really is though (which wasn’t really answered as well as I’d like in the interview) is if that last issue is actually going to come out as a single issue through 12-Gauge or if they’re going to just solicit the trade and go “See how the story ends only here!” thing.

Thanks for the support, guys. Means a lot.

If we have my way issue #4 will be a single issue. I don’t want to cheat people who’ve enjoyed the book so far.


That’s what I like to hear. I eagerly await the time when I can pre-order that issue #4.

Still waiting on that #4. Won’t read the first three w/out it, but I’m not buying the trade. Any news, Jason ?

sososo… just keeping it alive! Still waiting for #4 :)

Still waiting, please release #4!!!

And sadly, it never appeared.

Dang, I just read the first three on comixology and thought there was a glitch with the last issue missing.

What a bummer I would have liked to see some kind of conclusion. Still worth reading, even knowing it will probably never be tied up.

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