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Jim Starlin teases concept art for his upcoming DC Comics series

Veteran creator Jim Starlin, who last month revealed he’s taking over as writer of an unnamed DC Comics series, teased the project over the weekend with a look at a potential costume design for the still-unannounced project.

“Here’s a new outfit design that may or may not be used in the on-going comic series I’m writing for DC Comics,” he wrote on Facebook. “Still can’t tell you what it is and I’m sure this posting will only confuse things even further than they already are. Aren’t guessing games terrific fun?” He added, “I’ll check this week and see if DC will let me show more teasers, maybe some of the artist’s layouts for the pages. Then everyone can guess who he is.”

Starlin, who’s best known for his Marvel cosmic stories, hinted last month that the existing DC series is one “I have never before had anything to do with.” His run is expected to begin in April.



Smart Internet Man

January 7, 2013 at 11:08 am

hasn’t this been confirmed as The Phantom Stranger? or am i hallucinating things?

hallucinating. Thats J.M. Demetteis (sp?) who is joining Phantom Stranger.

Terra from “the ravagers”??

Sugar and Spike?

Heh. It would be hysterical if it were Constantine…

Really taking Power Girl the other way, aren’t they?

Wonder if it’s Amethyst…?

Didn’t Jim Starlin refer to the character as “he?” So, just gotta figure out which DCU character falls under the androgenous(sp) male category. Lord help us if this is a reimagined Kamandi.

Clearly a woman, but that V on the waist looks very ‘Animal Man’…

Whoever it is, they stole the cosmic ugg moon boots from one of the Power Pack kids.

It’s not Animal Man, Lemier has it plotted out till issue #30 or so. He has said he is staying on that book for the long haul. Wonder if maybe it could be the ravagers or teen titans? That chick sorta looks like power girl, I’m thinking maybe one of the Young Justice level books.

I know Power girl isn’t in those books, just saying it looks like her lol

Even Jim Starlin can’t lure me back to DC.

Didio and company have ruined it for me.

Power Girl (minus) breasts (equals) this? Interesting that he (Starlin) used the masculine pronoun, “he.”

Omega Men

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