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Marvel has eyes for Annie Wu with work on Hawkeye

Marvel is about to give people another artist to fall for in the pages of Hawkeye #8, arriving Feb. 27. This special Valentine’s Day issue by Matt Fractiona and Javier Pulido will have a guest star as young artist Annie Wu takes part in the issue, as recently announced on Twitter by editor Stephen Wacker. According to Wacker, the “outstanding” Wu will provide several illustrations for the issue, which promises “Valentine’s Day with THE heartthrob of the Marvel Universe? This will be… confusing. Xoxo, Hawkeye.”

Wu is short on actual published comics on her bibliography, but creators and fans up and down the aisle have been anxiously watching for more work for her. She did a short story in a 2011 issue of DC/Vertigo’s House of Mystery, and some fashion illustrations with comic sensibilities for magazines. Wu is currently a color designer for the animated series The Venture Bros., and is rumored to have been working on a long-form project for DC this past year. On her site you can see more of her work, from covers to the  upcoming First Comics’ title Public Relations and excellent costume redesigns she did for Project: Rooftop.



Hurray! More awful, generic Photoshop inking! That’s JUST what American comics need!

When mainstream comics first started using computers to color, everybody started looking like they were made of balloon animals. Photoshop has come a long way since then and it’s a tool like any other tool – it’s about the hand that wields it and from what I’ve seen of Annie Wu, I find her to be incredibly talented. To each their own, I guess…

actually, that looks more like Manga Studio to me and I don’t think it looks that bad. The mark on the adam’s apple looks like an auto correct mark when I try to use it. The expressions look great.

Christ, people. It looks wonderful. Pull heads out of asses, rinse, lather amd repeat.

I remember her from a pretty cool JLA redesign for Project Rooftop:

And I think she’s perfect for Hawkeye.

You people are disgusting. Yes, we can see trace elements of ANY tool used to draw, paint, craft a work of art. But you’re picking at Wu for absolutely no particular reason, just to be picking. This is very particular and stupid. Grow out of it.

There is some awful art in mainstream comics. This is not it.

I want to read this, pronto.

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