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Peter David ‘is doing better every day,’ will undergo rehabilitation

Writer Peter David will undergo in-patient rehabilitation once he’s released from the hospital following a stroke he suffered Sunday while on vacation in Florida. However, it’s unclear when that will be.

“We are working on the where, how, and who and still awaiting the when,” his wife Kathleen wrote Thursday. “And they can’t give us an exact when because a number things have to be in place and Peter’s vitals have to be consistently at a certain level before they will even think of releasing him. Until that happens, we are in a holding pattern.

A comics veteran best known for his work on Aquaman, The Incredible Hulk, Young Justice and X-Factor, Peter David posted on his blog Sunday that he “lost control of the right side of my body,” couldn’t see properly and was unable to move his right arm and leg. Kathleen later reported doctors determined her husband suffered a small stroke in the pons section of his brain. “We know that a total recovery is slim because damage to the brain doesn’t go away but the brain can be trained to work around the damage and give Peter back what he has lost,” she wrote Monday.

“Peter is doing better every day,” she offered Thursday. “Yesterday he was able to lift up his right arm by himself and the fingers are coming back a little more every day. He can stand up but still can’t walk and the standing only lasts for so long. His face is even more normal than the day before. And he sat up in a chair for the first time since Saturday which he was very happy about and I was thrilled. The more he can get up, the sooner he gets out and onto the next step of the journey. … Keep those good thoughts coming. Peter says it is both gratifying and humbling about the number of people who are praying for them and keeping him in their thoughts and he appreciates and is thankful to each and every one of you.”



It’s good to hear that he is on the road to recovery (as much as there can be).
Can’t wait to read more positive updates in the near future.

God bless you, Peter, Kathleen and the whole family. My prayers go to you all.

Glad to hear he’s doing better.

Thank you for the updates.

Go PAD, we’re praying for you!

I’m glad that he’s recovering! Go Peter!!!

Pouring positive energy and best wishes in the way of the David family!!! You can do it Peter!!!!!

glad to hear peter is recovering day by day . for he is a strong person and is not going to let a thing like a stroke totaly take him out of action for good. look forward to learning more and more about peters progress improving day by day

Best wishes to my favorite writer. Glad to hear the recovery is positive.

Good news. Hope he gets back to full strength soon. Looking forward to more X-Factor!!!

I love Peter David! And when he is back and healthy Marvel should put him on a huge Marvel Now book. He is the best writer when it comes to consistent quality stories they have.

I’m very happy to hear good news, and I hope that I will keep hearing them! It’s strange when you feel like knowing someone so well, even though you have not met him once. I’m feeling like I’m sending wishes for best helth to my best friend.

Dear Peter, wishing you a speedy recovery. I love your X-Factor and hopefully no one else will touch it while you are recovering. Do take car. Have faith and will, any hurdles in life can be overcome.

Relevant Puerto Rican Superhero

January 5, 2013 at 8:25 am

Great to hear he is doing better everyday. He continues to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy to hear he’s doing better. Hopefully he continues to improve. Sucks that this happened to such a nice guy and talented writer.

Very good news! Here’s hoping Pete stays the course because without his writing I’m sure many of us would be missing a very special part of themselves. Continued thoughts out to Mr. David and his family.

I hope he retires. He deserves to be around his loved ones now that he’s entered the last years of his life. Not catering to comicbook readers.

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