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Peter David is walking (with help), would appreciate your well wishes

Less than two weeks after suffering a stroke, writer Peter David is able to walk forward and backward, with assistance, at the rehabilitation center in New York Florida.

“He is working on balance and trying to get the right leg to cooperate with what he wants it to do,” his wife Kathleen wrote today. “There was a minor set back with the arm that is being worked on. He does have a better range of motion than he has had since all this started so we are cautiously happy about it but he has a long way to go.”

Kathleen David, who last week asked those interested in helping to cover insurance co-pays to purchase some of Peter’s books from Crazy 8 Press, today said she will add a donate button to his website on Monday, and plans to organize online auctions. She also encouraged fans to send him cards and assorted well wishes:

Peter David
c/o Second Age, Inc.,
P.O. Box 239,
Bayport, NY 11705

On a related note, has published an essay Peter wrote in early December to mark the 50th anniversary of the Incredible Hulk. In the piece, the writer recounts being offered the reins of the title in 1986, his approach to Bruce Banner and, 12 years later, the circumstances that led to his departure.

“Out of fifty years of his existence, I took up twelve straight years (plus annuals and such) covering the concerns and chaos that the Hulk had to face daily,” he wrote. “If I’d known that I’d be leaving the book the issue afterward, I’d never have killed off Betty (although since then she was brought back to life and is now the red She-Hulk, so that made a lot of difference.) I had up periods and down periods. Times where I had the book fully under control and times where I was roughing it and had no clue what I was doing. In retrospect, if I had to draw one conclusion from my time on the series, it was this: Hunh. Nope. I still got nothin’.”



Kathleen (Peter’s wife)here.
One small correction. I am back in New York but Peter is still in Florida in a rehab there. His eldest daughter lives there and is helping with his care. His youngest Caroline is with me because she had to go back to school and I am taking care of things here.
Thank you to everyone for helping us. I can honestly say I won’t be doing as well with out your support. Both Peter and I are touched and humbled by the outpouring of good wishes.

Yay! I’m happy!

Get well Mr. David. We’re all in your corner!!!

Peter’s run on Incredible Hulk was the only Marvel comic I kept reading in the 90es, and his Imzadi TNG novel is the best Start Trek novel I’ve ever read. I truly believe he is one of the most talented writers in any field of entertainment today, and has been for many, many years. And I genuinely wish him all the best in recovering from this. God luck to you Mr David, and your loving family. Hope things get better soon..

Your writing has been both prolific and immensely entertaining. a talent that will not be forgotten. on behalf of all of my fellow Canucks, get well soon, Mr. David! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

Dear David
I loved your run on Incredible Hulk. Sorry to hear about your situation. Get well. Persevere.
Remember The Hulk – when the chips are down, he NEVER gives up… Get angrier, get stronger, and overcome!

Keep at it PAD and get well soon.

Peter, you are one of the best super-hero writers still working. Today most writers and editors don’t have a clue how to write contemporary super-hero stories. Lacking talent and understanding of the characters, they reboot characters, making them dark and gritty. They kill them and bring them back to life. They turn them evil.

You, on the other hand, don’t need to use those gimmicks. You simply write great stories. Your stories are always high on entertainment value, with plots that make sense, and characters that are true to themselves. And you do it consistently. Without destroying the characters or warping them beyond recognition.

Get well soon, Peter. And keep cranking out those great stories.

Thank you for the updates Mrs. David. I’m praying for his recovery.

Stop copying me. On Nonvember 26, 2012, I had a stroke at work. I was taken to Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, where I stayed for two weeks. I had physical and occupational therapy and now I’m back at work and getting ready for Arisia.

I use a cane but it’s not an impediment. The doctor said it was a good thing I had the stroke at work because I live alone. I probably would not have gone to the hospital when I did. Anyway, it was a small stroke on my left side. Nothing’s paralyzed, everything’s fine.

Peter, I don’t wnat you giving Kath a hard time. Take it easy, follow the doctor’s orders, and get better. Let your family take care of you.

Kath, if Peter gives you lip, beat him with his cane.

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