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Preview | Jordan Mechner’s Templar

One of my favorite books from First Second in recent years was Solomon’s Thieves by Jordan Mechner (Prince of Persia) and the fantastic art team of LeUyen Pham and Alex Puvilland. I reviewed it for Robot 6, and talked about how much I was looking forward to the following two parts of the trilogy. In Dumas-like fashion, Mechner added swashbuckling flourishes to historical fact to create an exciting story about the rank-and-file knights of the Templar order who found themselves, as Mechner describes them, “pawns in a political chess game their simple ideals of chivalry and brotherhood hadn’t equipped them for.”

For fans of Solomon’s Thieves, the wait is finally over, and not just for the second volume. Rather than publish the last two parts of the trilogy as separate books, First Second is releasing the entire epic as a single volume called Templar, to debut in July.

First Second provided ROBOT 6 with the following preview:



Soooo…I wasted my money on the first volume? Or is it not included with this omnibus?

This is parts 2 and 3 combined.

According to First Second, it’s the whole trilogy in one book. They decided not to make it a trilogy, but to release it all as one volume instead.

I’m so excited about this one. I was reluctant to read the first one, because 99% of any Templar-related stuff is drivel, DaVinci Code-esque nonsense with no historical basis, but in Mechner’s forward (or afterward) he acknowledges this state of affairs, so that made me more inclined to give it a shot. It’s a nice caper story. Three Kings or Kelly’s Heroes during the Crusades. The first third was a great read, and I’m really excited about the rest.

I really enjoyed the first volume, so I’m looking forward to getting the entire story in one go.

Wow, I was really bitchy on Friday, wasn’t I? Hey, Matt, you bought that book years ago, the money’s long out of the mix and having the whole thing in one volume is super cool. So shut up, sell the first volume and get this to replace it. Sheesh.

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