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Quote of the Day | ‘Be extremely careful in doing business there’

"Birds of Prey" #19, now written by Christy Marx

“Seeing lots of ‘that’s how it is in this business,’ stuff in regards to the day’s news. It really isn’t, and it certainly shouldn’t be. To be a little more direct: the way DC treats a lot of their freelancers is absolutely abhorrent. When it happened to me on SUPERGIRL, I didn’t say much, because I didn’t want to dwell on the negative. But when you see it happen to so many good people, and the damage it does to their careers, their incomes, etc… it’s just not okay. I don’t understand the need for it, & I wish it were otherwise. I love DC, love the characters, & I know I did some of my best work there. And I’m VERY happy for my friends who have been successful there. But I would tell any creator — especially newer, younger ones — to be extremely careful in doing business there.”

Nick Spencer, who was abruptly removed from Supergirl in 2010, reacting to Monday’s news that DC Comics had replaced newly announced writers Robert Venditti and Jim Zubkavich on Constantine and Birds of Prey, respectively, before their first issues had debuted




Aaaaand another bridge burned. Looks like someone is trying to get an “employee of the month” award from Marvel.

Spencer burned that bridge a while ago and burnt the one to Marvel too (though in a less spectacular fashion). Now he’s just tossing rocks across to the other side.

Or he just thinks it’s incredibly unprofessional to pull someone from a book after an issue or, lately, no issues, just because you changed your mind on the editorial direction at the last minute. This view is hardly exclusive to him or to Marvel creators.

Seems like DC bridges are worth burning if they’re treating every creative they come in contact with like shite. Seriously.

On the subject of his Marvel bridge, did Spencer get canned from Secret Avengers and I didn’t hear about it?

I got the impression that Spencer was making this comment at least as much about Art and Franco being let go by DC as anything else.

Were Art and Franco let go? I heard Superman was ending for them, but I thought maybe they would replace it with something…..

Terrible that Tiny Titans ends, and now Superman family adventures? What will I tell my 4-year-old?

Everyone’s been quiet about what’s going on with Art and Franco, so I don’t know for sure. It doesn’t help that Green Lantern: TAS wasn’t solicited for that month, which is the other book they were working on. DC says that Green Lantern is going to a bimonthly schedule now, and Young Justice is cancelled too, so my daughter will be down to one comic based on a DC property every two months, rather than six issues in that time span like right now. It’s really frustrating, and I’m giving thought to cancelling a few of the mainstream DC books I read right now in frustration.

@Earth 2 Chad:
I don’t think Nick was canned from Secret Avengers, but, if memory serves me correctly, he seemed to stop writing for it around a little before he went on his “Fuck DC!” rant and by extension a rant at corporate comics.

Welcome to the DiDiocracy – Bob Harras will meet you at the entrance.

er….. this is the bold new direction of DC Comics?

I’m under the impression that DC is in serious trouble.
What is causing such uproar?

Too much interference from the suits at WB?
DiDio/Harras/Johns/Lee ineficiency?
Diane Nelson and her lack of knowledge about the comics industry and his players?

What exactly is happening at DC?!!?

Didio, Lee, Harras and Johns (and whoever else in corporate may or may not be part of these decisions) are surpassing JIM SHOOTER levels of creator alienation…

Joe H: Unless he’s been fired, Spencer is writing the relaunched Secret Avengers as part of Marvel Now!, starting next month.

And given all the snark Joe Q has sent DC’s way over the years, I doubt anyone over there cares about their creators having issues with DC.

NEWS: Rob Granito was hired to work closely with Johns as the ‘Super Chief Creative Officer’ of DC Comics. ;)

This coming from Nick Spencer is hilarious. How many folk has he screwed over in the past (look it up)? Hypocrite.

I tried to look up any controversies involving Nick Spencer and I couldn’t find any.

Maybe you should give people some search terms before tossing out accusations because I couldn’t find anything with:

Nick Spencer “screwed”

Nick Spencer “screwed over”

Nick Spencer “didn’t pay”

The only thing I could find is that some people think he screwed up their favorite characters. And if nobody thinks that, you’re not a professional work-for-hire comic book writer.

If you want to look up controversies with Nick Spencer you just have to go to the Bendis board where he was long time poster before he became a known writer.

Then it seemed at times the rest of the members there had trouble dealing with him due to his success and/or political views.

After a while, he was basically told by Marvel to stop responding to anyone on there and he hasn’t been back since.


A lot of people in this country owes money.
That’s not exactly a crime.

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