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Quote of the Day | ‘On any scale I care about, Bowie is a superhero’

Noh-Varr, from "Young Avengers" #1, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie

“The main characters are Wiccan and Hulkling, a young gay couple who have inspired a lot of love and a lot of NSFW Tumblr art. There’s also Kid Loki from my last book, Miss America and a female Hawkeye. Plus there’s Noh-Varr, who’s sort of an alien hipster. The way some kids are obsessed with Japan, he’s obsessed with Earth. David Bowie was the primary influence on Noh-Varr, specifically The Man Who Fell to Earth, a splash of Ziggy and a lot of lithe sexuality. Now Bowie’s back too. On any scale I care about, Bowie is a superhero.”

– writer Kieron Gillen, explaining Marvel’s new Young Avengers to readers of The Guardian



I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this book.

I was already extraordinarily pumped for this book, but this quote has made me exponentially more excited.

Ughh. I can skip this comic.

I once had Norwegian artist Jason draw The Flash for me. I asked him if he’d ever drawn any other superheroes before, and he replied that he’d drawn David Bowie once.

Pretty excited for Young Avengers. Gillen and McKelvie are an unstoppable team as far as I’m concerned.

After Thor: God of Thunder, this the series I’ve most looked forward to from the whole NOW! initiative.

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