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Remember when Brooke Shields played Wonder Woman?

Brooke Shields in "Star Spangled Banter"

Brooke Shields is no stranger to playing comics characters, whether it’s live-action in Brenda Starr and Tales from the Crypt, or voice work in The Batman and as Carol Ferris in Justice League: The New Frontier. She’s even played Morticia Addams on Broadway.

The Addams Family matriarch wasn’t Shields’ first time playing a comic book character on stage, either. In 1986, she was a student at Princeton and a member of the school’s musical comedy touring group, The Princeton Triangle Club. The troupe’s production that year was called “Star Spangled Banter,” which I can’t find any other information about other than that it somehow featured Wonder Woman and Shields played her.

I found the photo above from the Pinterest page of Princeton’s McCarter Theatre Center; DC Women Kicking Ass has gathered others from Tumblr (below).



How does someone start at the very bottom of her career doing something like this and never recover from it? You would have thought this would have sent her back to Beauty School or Real Estate years ago.

The most remarkable part of this story is that Brooke Shields went to Princeton.


Shields was a movie star long before she went to Princeton, having starred in Pretty Baby and the Blue Lagoon as child. The Triangle is a student organization with a pretty impressive list of former members.

How is this “bad?” And she still have a television career. She’s not doing badly for a child starlet who most people probably assumed would end up in rehab or in jail later in her life.

If anything, she’s the antithesis of the child star.

Also, I’ve never been a huge fan, but I definitely appreciate her in that costume.

Still _has_ a career. Ugh.

Wonder why no one is stating the obvious? She would’ve made an AWESOME Wonder Woman :)

If Brooke Shields could play dramatic as well as she can do comedy, and be a little younger, she’d be perfect.


I would consider 15 years on Broadway to be a career.

Back in the day, I had a big crush on her. You can say many things about her, but you must recognize that she have big comedy skills and that She looked really good in that outfit. BTW, Dean Cain was a reeaaally good luck guy, remember that He was her boyfriend in princeton.

They’ll need someone for WW Mom in whatever movie/tv show that winds up getting made, plus a whole island of other good looking women of all ages to populate it with. Hope her agent is on the ball.

Also, does anyone have a review or informed opinion of the Brenda Starr movie she made? Not very familiar w/ the character myself, but always wondered how it held up in translation.

She looks amazing, she is talent and has a good career as actress , model, humorist etc… I got originals pics of her in that show.

Better than Lynda Carter.

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