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Rob Liefeld is ready for his close-up

Rob Liefeld and Eazy-E

If you’ve been wondering how Rob Liefeld has been occupying his time since walking off three DC Comics series, scorching the earth around him as he left, the answer, at least in part, is Bloodstrike #34. However, he also found three days to transform a portion of his memoir into a 100-page screenplay about the formation of Image Comics. Of course.

The outspoken creator provided DreamMovieCast with excerpts from the project, tentatively titled Icons, which unlike Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend, is not a hoax. Or, rather iCons, as Liefeld clarified on Twitter. “Small ‘i’ dubble meaning,” he wrote.

Those looking for Great Moments in Comics History, or even Sordid Tales of the ’90s Boom, will find them in short supply in the three scenes. Instead, we get “Enter Todd McFarlane,” in which Liefeld meets the Spawn creator, who apparently speaks like a cross between Wolverine and a Mickey Spillane character (“You betcha, bud”; also, the destined-to-be-classic line “Fuck that! Fuck that to hell”), or, as characterized by the script, “When Todd speaks, it’s with a Canadian cadence, that of the ‘Eh?” Strange Brew variety, blended with a heavy Boston accent.” The hoser.

Erik Larsen, meanwhile, is described as “a bald man with a slight paunch and hair from his back coming up over the back of his collar.” No word on his cadence.

And then there’s that historic encounter between Liefeld and the Godfather of Gangsta Rap, Eazy-E: “I’m lovin’ me some Youngblood, bro.” But for comics fans, the main attraction is probably the recollection of the meeting with Marvel President Terry Stewart that ended with Liefeld, McFarlane and Jim Lee breaking with the company (or, “plantation”). Although the portrayal of Lee in that scene isn’t exactly flattering, former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Tom DeFalco, who’s depicted as a short, portly, waddling middle-aged man with a large nose and a penchant for eavesdropping, gets the worst treatment by far. However, while DeFalco’s back escapes the screenwriter’s observation, the same can’t be said for his hairy arms.

But, hey, at least Liefeld comes off well. Hopefully we’ll be treated to more, and more polished, excerpts down the road. As long as “Fuck that to hell” survives the final edit, I’ll be happy.

One aspect of iCons that doesn’t require more work is Liefeld’s dream cast (scroll down): Rob Corddry as Erik Larsen? Dabney Coleman as Terry Stewart? That’s brilliant.



Crikeys…he actually looks like a Rob Liefeld illustration, doesn’t he??

In fairness to Rob Liefeld, if American comics did not have someone like him, we would have to create him. Our culture seems like it can’t get enough of this type, i.e. the arrogant jerk who is so regularly, clownishly outrageous that you wonder if it’s all just a put-on, or if he can tell the difference himself, for that matter. (See Charlie Sheen as Exhibit A.)

It was inevitable that someone try to occupy this kind of niche among comics creators. In a way, I have to hand it to Liefeld for achieving what is probably the strongest claim to the role, despite a lot of competition.

I notice that even here with Liefeld we yet again fail to see hands and feet… All we’re missing is 30-bazillion pouches and everyone baring their teeth.

Wait, are we sure the title isn’t I, CON, the story of Liefeld’s conning people over the years?

Again him… Like some nasty rampaging bugs, he is really annoying…

Dumber and Rob are in a boat. Dumber prefer to jump into the water. Who stay in the boat???
The dumbest one because the boat is sinking. =)

Or “The real true life of The Master of The Masters of Annoying Persons: Rob LIEFELD”. Sold by xXx-trem(ely Stupid) Studios. $ 99.99, 32 B&W pages, SC. A bargain, my fellow brothers!!!

I have an Extreme Studio’s promo book signed by all the people at the formation of RL studio.

I’ll destroy it if the right idea comes along.

I’m genuinely sad that this will never happen.

Say what you will, but Christian Bale playing Todd McFarlane is kind of perfect.

Or as Ed Wood or Tommy Wiseau is to film.

Never knew Eazy-E was a fan of Youngblood. The article pic above caught me by surprise

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