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Ryan Kelly is a comics-making machine


While many artists have trouble working on one comic at a time, Ryan Kelly is currently doing six. In a post about his projects for the coming year, Kelly runs down the list:

  • Three, Kieron Gillen’s historically accurate response to 300: “With Saucer ending,” Kelly says, “I consider Three my main 2013 project.”
  • Anthem, with Brian Wood: Kelly describes it as “a ‘return to form’ for us and Local.” He writes, “If you’ve ever wanted a sequel to Local, then you better support this!”
  • Saucer Country: Although the Vertigo series has been canceled, Kelly still has two issues to draw.
  • Funrama: Kelly’s own creation that he both writes and draws. We’re big fans of the series, and are excited Kelly is still working on it a little each week. He’s trying to get the third issue done in time for C2E2, but we’ll cut him some slack. Six comics!
  • Cocotte: The webcomic Kelly does with Kat Vapid about the life of a cook in an upscale restaurant.
  • Top Secret Mystery Project: “I’m drawing three issues of a pretty big thing. I can’t say much yet. Just think of the biggest thing you can think of and that’s probably it. I’d show samples but anything I show would be instantly recognizable.”

Concerning that last one: Let the speculating begin! Assuming it’s a superhero comic for DC or Marvel, what do you hope Kelly is working on?


Saucer Country

Funrama #3




Given Ryan has just posted a photo on his twitter account of some Dark Horse branded drawing boards then I’m guessing his big new project is an arc on the new Star Wars comic with his friend Brian Wood.

I was thinking that as well, Dan. BUT, and this just may be some huge wishful thinking, could he be doing an arc on one of Brian Wood’s X-Men books? I’ve seen a piece that Kelly did of the X-women and Marvel did just announce that “X-Men” series recently. I love me some Olivier Coipel but, he hasn’t been a super consistent monthly artist in years. I’m sure he’ll need a break after the first arc…

Could the “mystery project” be “Sandman?” That’s the only thing I can think of that would be that huge and also instantly recognizable, but not fall into standard super-hero comics art style that seems the norm for the Big 2.

i love Ryan’s work. i’ll miss his Saucer Country, but will look for his other work soon.

Ryan Kelly is, to the best of my knowledge, the only comics artist ever to draw a full splash page of my high school.

(From Local #7, shown here: )

Looking forward to Anthem!

I think is mystery project might be Avengers Arena. If you read the article on the front page they said an artist would be coming in who would make Vertigo readers very happy.

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