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Snyder and Lee’s Man of Steel gets Free Comic Book Day preview

Readers will get their first taste of the much-anticipated new Superman series by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee in DC Comics’ gold-edition offering for Free Comic Book Day.

The special issue also will reprint the first part of “Last Son,” the 2006-2008 Action Comics story arc by Geoff Johns, Superman: The Movie director Richard Donner, and Adam Kubert, described as “a great jumping-on point for fans who can’t wait to see Warner Bros. Pictures’ Man of Steel major motion picture.” The story may seem like an odd choice, given that the issue is more than six years old and was released before DC’s linewide relaunch, but it does reintroduce General Zod, the primary antagonist of Man of Steel, even if that continuity no longer exists.

The preview of the Snyder/Lee series, on the other hand, makes perfect sense, as its launch is timed to coincide with the June 14 opening of Warner Bros.’ franchise reboot. While DC has kept details of the new comic close to its vest — has Man of Steel even been confirmed as the title? — Snyder provided ROBOT 6 with a tease early this month.

“We’re going to be introducing a new villain, and we’re going to be trying to do the biggest and most epic Superman story we can!” he said. “So you’ll see the supporting cast — you’ll see Lana, and Lois, and Lex, and Jimmy and Perry. The story itself is really going to put Superman against a threat that will kind of shake him to his core psychologically and emotionally. We’re really really proud of it, and Jim is doing incredible work on it. So we can’t wait for you guys to see it!”

Free Comic Book Day 2013 is May 4.



Still wish the cover they used would feature a meeting of the Pre-Flashpoint Superman and the Post Flashpoint Superman.

Gonna get myself first in line on FCBD!

It feels like a reboot on both fronts, the movie and the comic. I’ve tried reading Superman 3 time in the past several years – all the “jumping-on” points – nothing yet have stuck. I hope Snyder breaks this drought.

so Jim lee has found a new book to hop on…lets see how long he will pencil this and then decide to abandon ship…..I give Man of Steel about a year before Lee is gone and so is Snyder..

I don’t expect either to be on longer than a year. Not sure if I want them to either. I like Snyder but he draws out his stories too long without adding something new. I like the 5 issue story arc then move on to something else. I can’t believe that Rot world hasn’t gone away yet. I’m hoping this will make me want to read Superman again. I feel the same for Action Comics written by Andy Diggle.

The only Batmanfan boy who can write Superman is Morrison. Snyder thinks he can write the biggest and most epic story? Big boast for a guy whose never written Superman and thinks Batman is just the best hero ever. Last time we had a big Superman story pretty art we got Superman For Tomorrow.

Looking forward to read hear about New 52 Supes’ long-lost and just-recently-discovered brother (either Kansan or Kryptonian: “Kan-El”?) that’ll soon complicate Clark’s life…

Along with that mysterious “Court of Rao” that he’ll find himself facing!

Except, mk, that Morrison can’t write Superman OR Batman well.

So let me get this straight. The comic they are publishing for FCBD, that is meant to draw in new readers to try their book, is from a storyline that took place back BEFORE the new 52? So readers will get a taste of when the book was good, and maybe stick around for another month to read the crap they are putting out now?


Lol. I have to agree with penguin truth

@penguintruth: if you don’t count All-Star Superman and the Batman titles (i.e. Batman, Batman Inc & Batman & Robin) he wrote, then yes, I agree Morrison can’t write Superman and Batman well.

I will correct my earlier comment…I give Lee 6 months before he come sup wit a BS reason to jump ship and go to another comic book…I give Snyder a year before we realize he should just stick to Batman. DC needs to really either cultivate new writers or give their writers real freedom to write and stop overusing the same names for multiple books. It’s like DC and marvel just chase each other tails instead of trying to be original.

Snyder will stay more than a year. heck he sadi he has been wanting to do this story for more than a year. Also, he has yet to be on a book for less than 1 1/2 years. and American Vamp has been going for two.
About the “DC never tries new writers” bit. Snyder IS a new writer! geez he has only been on DC for a year and a half and Vertigo for 2 years, c’mon guys.

Also, James tynion IV is practically a new born to the industry. Jeff Lemire is a young’un too! As well as Anne Nocenti. The only old guys who gets repeat action is Geoff Johns, fand he isn’t even that old… And there is Morrison but he is leaving the superhero genre for good this year after he finishes on Action.

Wait, Chris… did you just imply that Ann Nocenti is a “young ‘un” or a “newborn to the industry”?

Ann Nocenti who got her start writing Spider-Woman in the early 80s?

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