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Stan Lee cancels appearance at Amazing Arizona Comic Con

Headliner Stan Lee is ill and “physically unable to travel” to this weekend’s Amazing Arizona  Comic Convention in Phoenix, organizers announced overnight.

The 90-year-old Lee abruptly canceled two public appearances in September only to reveal he was recuperating after having a pacemaker implanted. “Now hear this!” he wrote in a message to fans. “Your leader hath not deserted thee!” True to his word, Lee was soon as ubiquitous as ever, and recently recorded a reading of “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” as well as a message to a 16-year-old Spider-Man fan critically wounded in a school shooting.

On the convention website, organizers explain refund procedures for attendees who purchased Stan Lee Photo Ops or Stan Lee Packages. The event, which kicks off Friday at the Phoenix Convention Center, features special guest Jim Lee and a creator lineup that includes Scott Lobdell, Joshua Hale Fialkov, John Layman, Cory Walker, Ale Garza, Jason Pearson and Kyle Higgins.



Bad news for people wanting to see him but given his age (90) this is probably going to start to happen more often despite the amount of energy his mind probably still has. Hope he feels a lot better soon!

Before anyone gets all worked up just remember it’s been a TERRIBLE flu season. For a 90-year-old man, “unable to travel” could just be that he’s got the sniffles and his doctor told him it’s not safe for him to be on a plane, recycling the air from 150 potentially sick people.

I saw him just a few months ago at NYCC. As somebody with grandparents his age, I can tell you that he’s not your typical 90 year old. He was nothing if not peppy and enthusiastic. Lots of fun to watch and listen to. I’m inclined to agree with Russ. This flu season is awful. I know about 7 people who have it to one degree or another. Combine that with the thousands of people at these conventions and Mr. Lee atm, he’s probably better off safe at home, whatever’s ailing him.

Get Well Soon Stan! Your Health should be the most important thing right now until we can copy your consciousness into a robot.

Well said, Magruber!

I really hope Stan Lee gets better soon and it is not a serious illness. I am disappointed he will not be able to attend. But I would rather have the chance to see him another time than not at all.

I am concerned about the refund options. According to the convention website:

For those attendees who purchased Stan Lee Photo Ops or Stan Lee Packages, you may contact to inquire about refund eligibility. Please contact us no later than Friday, January 25, 2013 for more information. Amazing Arizona Comic Con reserves the right to process and issue refunds for eligible and qualified attendees, which will be dispersed from February 18 through 28.

I realize this is sudden but the wording is very vague.


It sucks but given his health problems in recent months and his age I think understandable. Again it sucks but sometimes can’t be helped.

Get weel soon, Mr Lee.

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