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Stan Lee sends video message to teen injured in school shooting

Stan Lee has created a video message for a Taft, California, teenager who was given the nickname “Bulletproof Spider-Man” after being shot a week ago at school.

Sixteen-year-old Spider-Man fan Bowe Cleveland suffered injuries to his chest and abdomen Jan. 10 after police say he was shot by classmate Bryan Oliver in an incident at Taft High School. According to The Bakersfield Californian, Oliver admitted to targeting Cleveland and another student because, he said, they had bullied him. Cleveland was slowly being awakened from a medically induced coma early this week, even as students returned to Taft High School, some wearing Spider-Man T-shirts or red and blue to show their support for the teen.

In a video titled “Special Message to Bowe Cleveland” (below), the 90-year-old Lee said, “You know, I’ve been told that you’re a big fan of mine and I want you to know that means a lot to me. So I’m sending you this message to let you know my thoughts and prayers are with you, as are the thoughts and prayers of all of Marveldom assembled, as well as the brave Brigadiers of POW! So never forget, you’ve got a whole superhero section rooting for you.” Lee said he would also said Cleveland autographed posters and comics “so you can enjoy them when you’re on the mend.”

“Now you be sure to keep your spirits up, and remember, if there’s anything you need, just yell ‘Avengers Assemble!'” he concluded. “Excelsior! Your fan, Stan!”

(via The Bakersfield Californian)



God love him, that was awesome.

The kid surely didn’t deserve to be shot, but if the reports of him bullying the shooter are true, then maybe he at least earned a little ass-kicking. I wish him a speedy recovery and hope BOTH victims learned something about power & responsibility from this.

That image at the top is, I think, the first time this century that I have seen Stan Lee absolutely look his full age.

And yet, he’s still going strong. Health and long(er) life, Stan!

If only we could all be half as cool as Stan Lee.

I gotta say, Stan Lee is a great guy, and this shooting should never have happened…. but if this bullying thing is true, why is anyone praising this kid for a horrible situation that he caused? Lets pat Congress on the back for avoiding the Fiscal Cliff too while we are at it. Bullying is pathetic, and if that kid was bullying students then he certainly doesn’t deserve to tarnish the name of Spider-Man.

There’s no doubt about it, True Believers. Stan is, and will always be, “The Man”.

Brings a tear to the eye. Excelsior

I don’t think Spider-Man would condone bullying anyone. It might have been better to have waited to see just what happened. If this kid was being a bully, this sure is a hard way to learn a lesson.

If the bullying is true, then Stan shouldn’t have done this. The kid didn’t deserve to be shot. Nobody deserves that. I feel for him. But wait till all the facts come out. Bullying is a huge problem in the United States. Don’t turn this kid into a hero if it is true that he’s a bully.

I have no idea if this kid was a bully or not, but anyone who is a big Spider-Man fan AND a bully is obviously not understanding the basis of Spider-Man as a character.

I send my regards to the family and hope for a speedy recovery to the guy, but think about how much this guy reminds you about Flash Thompson. Think about it

I wanna buy Stan a drink.

um, stan, wasn’t peter parker bullied?

You beat me to it, Aston! This kid seems to be Flash Thompson incarnate. Spider-Man Fan Club President but has no clue what Spidey truly stands for, until something terrible happens to him.

Not trying to trivialize the situation, but still. The parallels are too strong to pass up.

If the kid was really a bully and a fan of Spider Man, they should call him “Bulletproof Flash”

Um, what? If the kid was a bully, isn’t he more like that spier-man fan yet all-around jerk, Flash?

You are all, seriously, pathetic.

How dare you preach the values of Spider-Man while chastising a kid who was shot, regardless of the cause.

I was bullied at school and I didn’t go on a killing spree. I even became friends with the offending kids latter. You all seem to be missing the point something fierce. The real bully was the gunman, not the defenseless victim.

The kid got shot, even if he bully the shooter… I think he learned his lesson.

Granted I don’t know how big of a spiderman fan he could have been bullying someone

i wasn’t saying this kid deserved to be shot, but if he was tormenting another, weaker kid, should he be lauded? or rewarded? the shooter obviously needs to be punished for his actions. since when is everything “one or the other”?

Being shot doesn’t revoke your a-hole bully card, amigos. No one is praising the shooter, but if this guy really is a bully, he shouldn’t be rewarded just because he tormented the wrong kid.
I hope he gets well and learns his lesson, but most of all I hope other bullies were paying attention.

“If the kid was a bully he shouldn’t be rewarded by Stan wishing him well” signed probably fans of Marvel’s Venom staring bully Flash Thompson on sale monthly.


Good on Mr. Lee for being a decent human in the face of tragedy regardles of it’s origin point.

i agree with others on this one, the bully doesnt deserve the praise.
He’s like a criminal getting shot. He deserves it.
I’m guessing that bully was a popular kid in school. That’s usually the case isn’t it?

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