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The many (and occasionally mulleted) looks of the Man of Steel

With some longtime fans still smarting from the loss of Superman’s red trunks in DC Comics’ New 52, and with the shorts-free Man of Steel movie less than five months away, it’s as good a time as any to reflect on the many looks sported by the Last Son of Krypton over the past 75 years or so. Luckily, Imbong Hadisoebroto is ready with “Man of Steel — Man of Ages,” a poster that catalogs 28 of Superman’s costumes and hairstyles, from the original to Red and Blue to the T-shirt-and-jeans ensemble from the Action Comics relaunch.

Hadisoebroto has a gallery of nice art, featuring Superman and other characters, at deviantART. Check out the full “Man of Steel — Man of Ages” poster below, and go here to view it super-sized.

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This is *ahem* super-cool. I’ve seen plenty of the Batman variations — logos, Batmobiles, costumes, etc. — but not too many of the other characters. I love the Superman alterations because of how rigidly they conform to the iconography. Yes, even the trunk-less version.

Am I crazy because I actually liked electric Superman? Cause I totally did, especially as he was used in Morrison’s JLA.

No sweat. I kinda liked the electric Supes when I was younger.

Count another for loving electro-Supes, though I still hold the powers and costume better match another character than Superman…

Eh. I loved the “Millennium Giant” storyline that retired that power-set. I felt like they finally had figured out how to do it right…

Bout time they did this. I saw a movie version of this but not one that included the comics. This is great!

They forgot Michael Turner’s “Godfall” costume. Arguably the coolest looking one and my favorite.

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