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Thrillbent and iVerse bring Insufferable to ComicsPlus

Mark Waid’s imprint Thrillbent, which just last month announced a digital-distribution deal with comiXology, has now teamed with iVerse Media to bring Insufferable to ComicsPlus.

Created by Waid and his Irredeemable collaborators Peter Krause and Nolan Woodward, Insufferable debuted in May 2012 on Thrillbent, where it continues to be serialized for free. The series centers on an estranged crime-fighting duo, the dedicated hero Nocturnus and his egotistical former sidekick Galahad, who are forced to reunite for a new case.

“As enormous fans of iVerse and the fine folks who run the place – visionaries all – we at Thrillbent consider it an honor to partner up with them.” Waid said in a statement. “Not only will they provide our various series to a whole new audience, we’re excited to work with iVerse on new ways to advance the digital comics medium in the months and years ahead.”

Insufferable #1 is offered now for $1.99 on ComicsPlus, which is available for iPhone, iPad, the Web and Android.



So after all his talk about how 99 cents was the price point for digital comics, the only way to compete with 99 cent songs and 99 cent apps, Waid comes out with $1.99 comics, each with about half the story content of a standard print comic? That’s what Alanis Morissette calls ironic, isn’t it?

You can read it for free on Thrillbent.

I still think 99 cents is the sweet spot, and we’re trying to find a way to back into it. But to be fair, since each digital collection of Insufferable comprises four weeks’ worth of adventures, it’s hardly “half the story content of a standard print comic”; it’s more like half-again the story content.

I still want to get to 99 cents, but there are many, many factors to consider, not the least of which is that this is a “retrofit”–we weren’t designing a 99 cent comic for Comixology with Insufferable, we instead backed into a distribution deal. We’re going to be trying a LOT of different approaches in the months to come, 99 cent comics a big part of that.

I’ve enjoyed Insufferable a great deal and am very much looking forward to the next arc. While I enjoy my weekly visit to the Thrillbent sent, it’s nice to see them moving to the platforms where people get the majority of their digital comics comics from.

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