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Titan Publishing to launch creator-owned comics imprint

U.K. company Titan Publishing plans to expand its reach in July with a new imprint devoted to original creator-owned comics and new and classic graphic novels. Each release will be available the same day in print and digital versions on comiXology and other platforms.

Titan Comics will launch with the debut of Chronos Commandos: Dawn Patrol by Stuart Jennett and the newly colored expanded Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier and P.J. Holden, which originally appeared in Judge Dredd Megazine, alongside collections of Ring of Roses by Das Petrou and John Watkiss, Thrud the Barbarian by Carl Critchlow and two never-before published volumes of The First Kingdom by Jack Katz.

Those releases will be followed in September by Gravestown by Roger Gibson and Vince Danks, and Surface Tension by Jay Gunn, and in October by Death Sentence by Monty Nero and Mike Dowling.

Titan Comics Publisher Nick Landau tells USA Today he’s particularly excited for readers to discover Death Sentence and The First Kingdom, saying, “”The first because it is a masterfully constructed sci-fi psycho-drama, and the latter because for over 25 years I have been a fan of Jack Katz’s First Kingdom and following on from our success with the six-book Simon & Kirby Library, we are ever so proud that Jack has completed the series — which originally stopped publication halfway through — for the launch of Titan Comics.”

He adds in a press release, “This is the start of something very special. We’re searching out fantastic new voices and astonishing new artists, and helping them bring their dream projects to fruition – as well as remaining a world-leader in the field of classic comics restoration and republication.”




While it’s a great thing to see a (kind of) new UK comic publisher, and while I’m sure some, if not all of the books will be very good…

The covers: Man with gun. Man with gun. Man with crossbow. Man with axe. Man with gun. Men with guns.

If I’m not the kind of person who wants to read about a man with weaponry?

Image started out with the same type of stupidity, and it is a miracle it was able to survive this long with its in-fighting, bad storytelling, and severe late comics. However, is now one of the most respected establishments, equal to Marvel and DC. Hopefully, this imprint will be good, and manages to survive all the financial strife that comes with being a developing branch, it could lead to new, and interesting stories. Hopefully.

These all look fun as hell to me. Hopefully they’ll be available in the States.

Jamie – Numbercrunchers isn’t just about a “man with a gun”. It’s actually a rather cerebral story about a brilliant mathematician’s struggles against a rather uncaring celestial bureaucracy. The guy with the gun (which doesn’t fire bullets but instead causes accidents) is called Bastard Zane, a former gangster who wants out of the aformentioned bureaucracy.

The story is about hope, potential, despair, and making sure you fill in the right bits of your post-mortem contract. It’s also quite funny in places.

Oh yeah, I know. I’ve read some of it and it’s good. You can’t tell that from the cover though.

DEATH SENTENCE is currently cycling through CLINT 2.0, right? That’s a pretty cleverly conceptualized comics. Snagging an on-going of that will be a priority of mine.

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