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Warren Ellis teases Scatterlands with Jason Howard

Warren Ellis debuted his second prose novel, Gun Machine, earlier this month, but many of his longtime fans have been eagerly awaiting his next comics work. After all, it’s been a little while. “I’m not even sure I wrote any comics in 2012,” he told ROBOT 6 at the beginning of the new year. “A couple of issues of Secret Avengers, maybe?” Well, the wait is almost over.

This morning on his blog, the writer teased the above image for Scatterlands, his collaboration with Super Dinosaur artist Jason Howard, arriving in “late February.” No additional information was provided, but as there was no publisher mentioned and no lead time for a Diamond solicitation, we can probably presume Scatterlands is a webcomic. Here’s hoping more details will follow soon …



“Well, the wait is almost over.”

I dunno, can we wait a little longer? Like, forever?

Dan what are you on about, son?
You need a nap?

yeah, seriously, who the hell hates on Warren Ellis?

Really hoping this is an Image book. That would be awesome. Ellis seems to have been pretty bummed by sales for his prior books…but Image has done fantastic work promoting their stuff, far better than Avatar.

I kinda hope this isn’t another web-comic, but I’m down with that too, provided they print TPBs for it like for Freakangels.

That said, I honestly feel that Freakangels is among the very best work of Ellis’ career, right up there with Transmet and Planetary and it would’ve gotten a LOT more recognition if it were, say, an Image ongoing.

Dan’s grudge against Ellis goes back to the old Delphi message boards over ten years ago.

Jason Howard’s a phenomenal artist…I loved his work on Astounding Wolf-Man, but just couldn’t get into the plot on Super Dinosaur and had to drop it. Pairing him with Warren Ellis, though? Yeah, I’m sold.

yeah I don’t know what Dan’s malfunction is. Warren Ellis is in my opinion the single best comic book writer in the medium. Period.

I rank him higher than both Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman.

Planetary, Orbiter, Ocean, Stormwatch, The Authority, FreakAngels, Iron Man Extremis, Ultimate Fantastic Four…everything he touches is gold. I would give up my left nut to see him write an ongoing at either Marvel or DC and show those hacks how it’s done.

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