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What could’ve been: Dan Goldman shows off adaptation of JFK assassination book

For every comic book you see on shelves, there are dozens of ideas, proposals and half-finished creations that never see the full light of day. Red Light Properties writer/artist Dan Goldman recently showed off one such project on his Flickr account, an adaptation of James Douglas’ popular 2007 nonfiction book JFK & The Unspeakable: How He Died and Why It Matters, praised by filmmaker Oliver Stone as the “best account” of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Goldman was in talks to adapt the work alongside writer Seth Jacobson, but sadly the project never got beyond the cover and six pages created by Goldman and Jacobson.



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Actually, the news isn’t all that bad. While it’s true that Dan and I weren’t able to sell the book to a publisher. Jim Douglass and I have put together a fabulous Kickstarter campaign this is running right now to raise money to do the adaptation (see Now unfortunately, Dan wasn’t able to stay on the project, but we have found a wonderfully talented illustrator by the name of Oliver Hine. His style is VERY different from Dan’s but has a gravitas that is perfect for the book. I invite everyone to check out the above link, see Oliver’s interpretation of the book, and help us make “JFK and the Unspeakable” the Graphic Adaptation a reality.

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