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Why there’s a dinosaur in the Batcave

As usual, Kerry Callen has the answers. Check out his site to find out what the heck that thing’s doing there, then join me in urging DC to publish an ongoing Super-Antics series by Callen. It would go nicely alongside the imaginary Supergirl/Batgirl series by Mike Maihack and Yale Stewart’s JL8. When I take over the world, that’s the first change I’m implementing.



And the John Campbell/Daniel Krall LOIS LANE, GIRL REPORTER! And Ben Caldwell’s MANGA WONDER WOMAN!

What I find funny is the realization that, as recently as perhaps 10 years ago, Batman was still eccentric for hanging out in someplace referred to as “a cave” and stuffed with trophies, costumes, etc. (in addition to being pretty much a non-girl environment).

And then “man cave” went mainstream, and Batman’s hangout is now eccentric only in that it’s a real cave rather than a room in his house or above his garage.

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