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Wish This Was Real | Jeremy Bastian’s Batman

Everyone should start contributing to my secret island base and henchman pension fund, because as soon as I take over the world we’re getting a Victorian Batman series by Jeremy Bastian, in addition to Cursed Pirate Girl.

(via Dustin Nguyen, who commissioned the piece several years ago)




That’s beautiful. And also VERY cool and marketable. But the current regime at DC wouldn’t go for it. I wish him good luck and all the success with Cursed Pirate Girl. Hopefully that will help add more credibility to his name to move something like this along. Often times with editors of the big two, it’s about name cred and no.1 on the cover rather than a marketable series pitch…. sad, really.

Jeremy Bastian is amazing.

Oh wow. That would be amazing. I recently read Cursed Pirate Girl and very much look forward to more from him.

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