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Art Baltazar and Franco take Aw Yeah Comics! to Kickstarter

If the cancellation of DC Comics’ Superman Family Adventures has left you a little deflated, take heart: Longtime collaborators Franco Aureliani and Art Baltazar are turning to Kickstarter to launch their Aw Yeah Comics!, an “all-reader friendly” series with contributions from established and new talents alike, including Mark Waid, Brad Meltzer, Chris Roberson and Jason Aaron. The series was originally announced in July.

The comic, which stars Baltazar and Franco’s Action Cat and Adventure Bug, is designed to appeal to children and adults alike: “Our hope is to present a comic book that has just as much to offer a little girl as it does a little boy, and leave absolutely no one out of the fun. Because fun is important. Fun is a good thing for a comic book to have, and we want to add a little bit more of it to what’s out there now.”

Aw Yeah Comics!, which shares its name with the duo’s Skokie, Illinois, store, will debut in April with Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. According to the Kickstarter page, work on the first three issues is about 80 percent complete, while issues four through six are at about 60 percent. To help reach their $15,000 goal, they’re offering pledge incentives like an exclusive digital comic, an original mini-painting by Baltazar, a guest appearance by a donor’s own character, and a cover by Franco for a donor’s comic book.

The Kickstarter campaign ends March 7.



We’re a big fan of Franco and Art, as several younger readers at our LFL love their Superman Family Adventures comics. We were sad to see them go, so we scooped up some extra copies. So glad to see their Kickstarter–we became backers!

I’m sooooo excited for this! Most of all because I’m one of the “new talent” guys they’re taking a chance on. :) AW YEAH COMICS!!



Definitely contributing to this, which will make it like the fifth one I’ve committed to this month. February is a slow time for the comics news cycle apparently, but not the fund raising cycle.

Abraham Linkage may well be the greatest Lincoln-inspired sausage in the history of comics!

Thank you so very much for posting this we truly are grateful and biggo huggo goes out to all of the Arthee’s fans, you are all beautiful people!

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