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Comics A.M. | Is Columbus, Ohio, poised to become next Portland?


Comics | A Columbus, Ohio, entertainment weekly lays out a case for the city — home of Jeff Smith, the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo — becoming, like Portland, Oregon, a hub for comic books. “Comics in Columbus is a weird underground, sort of hip-hop thing,” indie publisher Victor Dandridge Jr. says. “We’re like hip-hop in the Bronx in ’79, just on the corner doing our thing.” [Columbus Alive]

Conventions | Bart Beaty files a final report on this year’s Angouleme International Comics Festival, and his verdict is … meh. “There was a consensus all around that the show was flat. People would throw around adjectives like “fine,” “good,” and “okay.” It wasn’t a disaster (as were some of the shows disrupted by construction), but it also wasn’t that memorable either” [The Comics Reporter]

Conventions | India Comic Con kicks off this week, with representatives from Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, and Vertical Inc. in the building. And it’s a rare opportunity for Indian comics fans to get comics and figurines not usually available there. [The Times of India]

Sword of Sorcery #7

Publishing | Todd Allen takes a look at the sales figures for the newly canceled DC Comics series, and three that weren’t axed, and concludes that titles that sell fewer than 18,000 copies per month are in the “danger zone.” [The Beat]

Creators | Wizzywig creator Ed Piskor has been awarded the Columbus Museum of Art/Thurber House Graphic Novel Residency; he gets a stipend and a three-week stay in an apartment in the historic home of the cartoonist and humorist James Thurber. [Columbus Museum of Art]

Creators | Tom Kaczynski talks about his graphic novel Beta Testing the Apocalypse, which he describes as “Short bursts of science-fictional pulp built on uncertain architectural foundations loosely threaded with apocalyptic fever dreams into an unstable theoretical assemblage. 136 pages. Two-colors throughout. Fully indexed.” [The Morton Report]

Great Pacific #1

Creators | Joe Harris discusses his Image Comics series Great Pacific and the garbage that inspired it. [Uproxx]

Creators | Andrea Sorrentino talks about his work on I, Vampire and his plans for his run on Green Arrow. [Man Cave Daily]

Creators | Here’s a short but very interesting interview with Nepalese creator Kripa Joshi, who’s working on a series of self-published comics about a plump woman who doesn’t let her weight get in her way. Joshi, a graduate of the School for Visual Arts in New York, is looking for a publisher for her comics. [DNA]

Manga | In a video interview, former Tokyopop editor Paul Morrissey explains how all that manga was made. [The Vice Pit]

Piracy | Noah Berlatsky has a good analysis and roundup of opinions (including mine) on the ethics of scanlation. [Digital Ethics]

Retailing | The Florida comics-shop chain Coliseum of Comics celebrates its 30th anniversary. [Central Florida Future]



If your like hip hop in the Bronx in 79 then we as Comic fans are really gonna be getting some great things!


February 8, 2013 at 8:50 am

So by “hub for comics like Portland, OR” do they mean “a place where already-established writers and artists move to because the cost of living is low”?

not sure… but as a Columbus Ohio area resident…

this… sounds… awesome… even though i have no clue what they are talking about. i have never heard of the “Museum and the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo” i would go though

I haven’t been to the museum but my wife recently took her girl scout troop and they had a blast.

If Columbus somehow becomes a hot spot for comics, maybe I’ll be able to get my script bought through osmosis. I could be satisfied with that.

Brandon, The Small Press and Alternative Comic Expo (SPACE) has been going on for over 10 years or so. It’s a fun time.

As a longtime Columbus resident, I couldn’t be happier if our city becomes a “hub” for comics. But also as a longtime Columbus resident, I remember how many comics retailers USED to be here; The British Papermill, a couple of retailers who used to be directly Downtown in the early 80s, Monkey’s Retreat (which was one of the US’s biggest alt/underground comics retailers, up to it’s closing a couple of years back).

There’s still a few retailers I can remember, like The Laughing Ogre, one inside the Hyatt Regency downtown and a few others. But remember the Creation Conventions that used to come here in the early 80s? I do.

The cost of living in Columbus IS very cheap…just big enough a city that you have all (well, most) of the comforts of a big, big city, but it’s not as expensive. (The worst thing abou the city is it’s lack of a real altweekly newspaper).

The museum’s been at OSU forever, but is getting/just got a new building, right?

SPACE is awesome, and highly reccommended:

My first exposure to John Porcellino, Dave Sim (outside that one issue of TMNT), Jim Rugg, Jeffrey Brown and Paul Hornschmeier all came from the first SPACE I attended.

Laughting Ogre in Clintonville is, in my limited experience, the best comic shop in the world (or at least Ohio).

I go out of my way to drive to the laughing ogre. It’s always a worth it, best shop I’ve ever been in

I will have to check space out

Washington, DC is getting there!

This year will be the first AwesomeCon, and Small Press Expo (SPX) is unrivaled when it comes to indy stuff. If you are in the northeast, SPX in September cannot be beat.

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