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Comics A.M. | National Organization for Marriage responds to Card backlash

Adventures of Superman #1

Adventures of Superman #1

Comics| Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, expressed dismay about the backlash to DC Comics hiring sci-fi author, and outspoken gay-rights opponent, Orson Scott Card to write Adventures of Superman. Card is a board member of the organization, which works against the legalization of same-sex marriage. “This is completely un-American and it needs to be stopped,” Brown said. “Simply because we stand up for traditional marriage, some people feel like it’s OK to target us for intimidation and punishment.” NOM last year launched boycotts of Starbucks and General Mills because of their support of same-sex marriage initiatives. [The Huffington Post]

Retailing | Gabi Shepherd, owner of Olympic Cards and Comics in Lacey, Washington, talks about the importance of courting teenagers, who are often not welcome in other retail stores: “I have found that if I am going to make this the community center that I want to make it then the kids are a big part of that. It makes them feel good when they come in and someone knows who they are. It’s important. It’s respect.” [ThurstonTalk]

Mark Waid

Mark Waid

Creators | Mark Waid delivered the closing keynote address at the Tools of Change conference in New York City, sketching out the economic reasons for starting his Thrillbent digital comics site and some of the issues of digital vs. print comics. [Good E-Reader]

Creators | Gail Simone talks about the joys of meeting her fans and writing strong women characters, and how Batgirl was an inspiration to her as a child: “I had red hair and my mother had red hair,” Simone said. “But no one else I knew had red hair. And I was teased, called names. Then there’s Batgirl. She has red hair. And she’s a hero.” [News-Record]

Creators | Scott Snyder talks about bringing back The Joker in the “Death of the Family” arc in Batman. [Comics Alliance]

Gun Machine

Gun Machine

Creators | Warren Ellis discusses his new prose novel The Gun Machine and the difference between writing prose and writing graphic novels. [The Morton Report]

Creators | Bill Baker talks to Gary Scott Beatty about his horror anthology Tales of Fear. [The Morton Report]

Comics | Nathan Harmon looks at Arthurian themes in Hellboy. [Sequart]

Manga | Jason Thompson takes a look at Cipher, which he dubs “very probably The Most ’80s Manga Ever.” [Anime News Network]

Graphic novels | Working with faculty from the University of South Carolina, a group of incarcerated teenagers have put together a graphic novel about how to avoid getting AIDS. [WLTX]



1. So NOM thinks it’s wrong for people to boycott DC over this, yet they engage in boycotts of their own using the exact same reasoning from the opposite side of the issue? Um, hypocrites much?

2. I think this has a lot less to do with Card having an unpopular political opinion and a lot more to do with the vicious, hateful language he uses to defend said opinion.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

For all of those who say “just don’t buy the issue and leave it at that”, I ask this:

Why can’t Card just not marry another man and leave it at that?

Why does he have to actively work to create (some would say “maintain”) a second class citizenry in the US by denying marriage rights?

Of course the gay (and allied) community is pushing back…they’ve been pushed by Card and his organization for years…

NOM is un-American if they think it’s okay to preach injustice, inequality and lies.

“…Brown said. “Simply because we stand up for traditional marriage, some people feel like it’s OK to target us for intimidation and punishment.” NOM last year launched boycotts of Starbucks and General Mills because of their support of same-sex marriage initiatives..”

-double facepalm-


If freedom of expression isn’t there to protect unpopular opinions, then it it meaningless. Whether it’s belief in male-female marriage or 9/11 truthers.

Almost more than the backward, small minded bigotry of those working to deny a group of individuals the right to marry for no justifiable reason at all, what bothers me is this idea that boycotting is somehow ‘unamerican’, or those who try to conflate a boycott with HUAC’s “Blacklisting”.

How DARE anyone make that claim? What is WRONG with this society that anyone might actually believe that?

Boycotting is part of what makes any free capitalist society work. It’s an integral part of this capitalistic society in which we live, one of the few ways we might express our beliefs and convictions. The blacklisting of the 50s was decidedly UNdemocratic, as it was encouraged (and to a degree, enforced) by a few members of the government with a large amount of power, rather than being the spontaneous popular movement of a people. It was largely unfounded in reality, individuals falsely accused and blacklisted on the word of that accusation alone, and completely without nuance, not based on what the individuals believed but their (supposed) party membership or sympathies (as if everything about the socialist party or communist party was evil).

I’m not boycotting Orson Scott Card because word on the street is someone once said he might be against homosexuality, or because he has some loose affiliation to a group whose official stance is anti-homosexual (say, the catholic church). I’m not buying his work because he has made his viewpoint clear directly, through a litany of articles and interviews, and has lent his money, time and name to organizations working to fight pro-gay marriage laws. He’s even gone so far as to put his beliefs into his work (specifically the belief that homosexuality is the result of molestation and pedophilia). I don’t want MY money going to those same purposes.

That’s why I won’t buy his work. You’re free to do so at your pleasure and leisure, without any judgement from me, though. And that’s what makes society WORK.

Imagine the backlash that will explode when LionsGate releases OSCs Ender’s Game movie in November.

“This is completely un-American and it needs to be stopped. Simply because we stand up for traditional marriage”

How the hell is traditional marriage a victim in any of this? They act as though there will never again be a man/woman coupling if gays have the right to marry. Like heterosexuality will just magically dry up.

As usual, NOM is going to try to play the part of the victim, which is laughable.

Before anyone flies off the handle, and starts ranting about freedom of speech, I just want to clarify that the First Amendment protects you from the government, not the free market. People are not asking for the government to prevent DC Comics from hiring OSC, they are telling DC Comics that they will not support a company that associates with OSC. That is the free market and that is freedom of speech.

Orson Scott Card and NOM are asking the government to deny rights to the gay community. That is fascist and the very antithesis of free speech.

There’s nothing wrong with NOM boycotting Starbucks and there’s nothing wrong with people boycotting OSC’s Supermam, but there is something wrong with the hypocrisy of denouncing your enemy as unAmerican when they’re the only ones ascribing to constitutional principles.

“If freedom of expression isn’t there to protect unpopular opinions, then it it meaningless.”

Freedom of expression means that you can say what you want to say without government reprisal. It does not mean that you can say what you want to say without any sort of consequence whatsoever.

He is entitled to say his piece publicly without interference, and did so. And other people are entitled to conclude, based on that, that they don’t want to give him any money (ie: boycott him). And they’re entitled to inform DC Comics of the reason for their boycott. Now, I’ll grant you, when you take the next step and say “But we won’t if you fire him,” I don’t really like that part. That does tend to feel a little blackmail-y to me. But the right to boycott *is* important, and a boycott where you don’t tell the person why you’re boycotting them is kind of pointless. I can see why people don’t like that one final step, though, because on principle I’m opposed to people fired over things that have nothing to do with work. But that’s an abstract principle; the entertainment industry is a little different than others because part of the job you’re hired to do is publicity.

“Simply because we stand up for intimidating and punishing homosexuals, some people feel like it’s OK to target us for intimidation and punishment.” NOM Spokesman

Yes, as always, it’s NOM who are the real victims. The oppressors are the oppressed, the people who criticize bigotry are the REAL bigots, up is down and black is white.

OH NO! A hate group got its feelings hurt. How incredibly sad for them.

There is a difference between an opinion and being a part of a lobbyist group. I’m sure a few creators I like have opinions I don’t care for. Bill Willingham comes to mind, and I find Steve Ditko’s politics pretty asinine but I still buy there stuff. Card is giving money to a hate group so that means the money I spend on his books his going there too. Orson Scott Card isn’t just a bigot, he’s a lobbyist for bigots.

But Kryptonians are Mormons, aren’t they? They’re from Planet Kolob, along with Mitt Romney and OSC.

I really like that Gail Simone quote. If you were a little girl that thought Batgirl was cool and then she gets crippled in Killing Joke you can kinda see how on the one hand they might think Oracle is cool but on the other it’s just not the same.

Feh! NOM….nothing but a bunch of tin Hitlers that need to be pacified. I know that if they ever had a rally in my town, I’d ruin it by walking up to the speakers while paraphrasing Dan Akroyd in the “Are you a god?” scene from Ghostbusters (with a megaphone):

“National Organization for Marriage? Good afternoon. As a duly-designated representative of the city of Seattle, King County, and the State of Washington, I order you to cease any and all Nazi-esque activity, and return forthwith to your place of origin, or to the nearest, convenient parallel dimension. Is that clear????”

What we as comic fans need to focus on is boycotting comics created by of all the overweight writers, artists and editors. Obesity is an epidemic that is killing our children and creating a healthcare crisis that the rest of us have to pay for.

We need to stop funding these dangerously obese creators until they lose the weight and get in shape to set a better example for others to follow. The lives of the children of this nation are at risk!

terminus maximus

February 17, 2013 at 8:10 am

I don’t read comics or watch movies to hear peoples political positions. I read and watch to get away from the nonstop bullshit on BOTH sides.
As for traditionalists, I find it absolutely mindboggling that “the greatest generation”, the ones who saved the world and built the greatest nation in the history of humanity are out of touch. Look at the state of the nation & world and tell me whose perspective is assbackwards.
I guess u can thank the left wing liberal public education system for ur lack of understanding.
U give comic book lifers a bad name.

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