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Comics A.M. | Radical raises $3 million for digital, licensing

Radical Studios

Publishing | Radical Studios has secured $3 million in its first round of fundraising to further develop its catalog, expanding its digital publishing efforts and licensing capabilities. The publisher, which ultimately hopes to raise $9.5 million, has two comic-book adaptations in development at major studios: Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise, at Universal Pictures, and Hercules: The Thracian Wars, starring Dwayne Johnson, at Universal Pictures. [Variety]

Retailing | Dave and Adam’s Card World, billed as the largest online seller of baseball cards, has branched out, with an eye toward becoming the largest online seller of vintage comic books by 2014. “We were somewhat shocked and surprised that vintage comic books are more popular than vintage baseball cards. As a card collector, that just hurts,” c0-founder and CEO Adam Martin joked. [Lockport Union-Sun & Journal]

Stan Lee

Creators | Recovering from a case of the flu that led him to cancel a couple of convention appearances, 90-year-old Stan Lee entertained a crowd Saturday at a children’s restaurant in Century City, California, where he launched Monsters vs. Kittens, the debut title from his new imprint Stan Lee’s Kids Universe. [Heat Vision]

Creators | Jeff Lemire discusses his run on DC Comics’ Green Arrow, which begins Wednesday with Issue 17: “To me, one of the reasons the first 15 or 16 issues of the series weren’t connecting with people was because Oliver Queen still seemed very unrelatable and in a lot of ways very unlikable. He still seemed really arrogant and brash, and it was almost like the island, which was supposed to change him and give him a new perspective on life, didn’t really work. When I thought of that, I thought maybe that’s the story: Maybe the island was supposed to do something that didn’t happen and now everything is going to fall apart as a result.” [USA Today]

Creators | The Nashville, Tennessee, newspaper profiles local cartoonist Guy Gilchrist, who has written and drawn the Nancy comic strip since 1995. [The Tennessean]

Awards | The horror website Bloody Disgusting has announced the winners of the 2012 Ghastly Awards. [Bloody Disgusting]



snide remark, re: Green Arrow: Maybe the reason ‘the island’ didn’t work was because DC Corporate wasn’t letting the writers tell stories about an interesting likeable character, which empirical evidence corroborates.

I am so bloody disgusted by Radical Publishing.

One of the best indie publishers has gone wild with its fans and readers. They have not respected them. And this company has been awarded “Best Indie Publisher”???

They are just a band of old farting fags.

Do not expect Radical Publishing to respect its releases schedule dates: I do not believe any more in this company.

And, yeah, that’s a Radical “FUCK YOU GUYS!!!!”

I originally thought the Cuneo’s had more to do with running Radical than they actually do.They’ve gone from one of the best companies for comics to prostituting their IP to losers like Cruise and Johnson.I can’t think of two people I want to see less in any project coming from Radical.What next Raimi’s Wyatt Earp starring Will Ferrell or Hotwire with Taylor Swift?

Sorry folks I confused the Cuneo’s involvement in this latest wrinkle with Radical with their initial involvement with Valiant.It’s too bad about the direction Radical has taken with the properties since the Cuneo’s seem to know what they are doing at the money end of things.Hopefully they will be behind the transition to screen of Valiant’s Harbinger among others.

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