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Cosplayer-on-creator violence at London Super Con

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The London Super Con happened over the weekend, complete with a sizable roll call of legends attending (including Neal Adams, George Perez, Bill Sienkiewicz and Brian Bolland). These days, it wouldn’t be a U.K. comic convention without a fresh batch of photographs turning up in the Twitter stream of 2000AD super-fan John Burdis and friends dragged up as  Mega City One judges, administering some on-the-spot justice to his fellow convention goers. This time, there were some familiar faces to be spotted amongst his willing victims: There are literally hundreds of shots like these on Burdis’s Facebook gallery. Also seen at Facebook: a very jolly-looking Batman sharing a joke with Judge Court.

Brian Bolland becomes the latest victim of Justice Department brutality

Brian Bolland becomes the latest victim of Justice Department brutality

Chris Weston tries his best to look innocent

Chris Weston tries his best to look innocent

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That’s me behind Bolland in the second pic – Gaze into the nightstick of Pal!

Great photos but please and I mean PLEASE robot6, get rid of this new format… If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.
Otherwise great work as usual!

Awesome! I had been wondering how my 3 letter surname would look on a badge, now I know thanks to Judge Pal so can go order one for my own outfit. I’m guessing the stick is rubber/foam? Is that carried or does it hang off a belt loop?

Oh, Mistuh “AYE AM DUHLUUUUH!!” :-p

John Lau?

You’ll never put Melvin Mole in jail! NEVER!!!!

Judge Court approves of these photographs :) Thanks for the mention..!

Yeah the daysticks are foam so bend when pushed in – people have bought maglite holders to attach to the belt for carrying the sticks.

All this wouldn’t be possible if the artists and writers of 2000 AD weren’t up for a bit of fun and obviously Rebellion who own the comic, let us get away with murder, very nearly!

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