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Cosplayer-on-creator violence at London Super Con

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Saira Khan, BBC television presenter, seeks judicial protection

Saira Khan, BBC television presenter, seeks judicial protection


Judicial department protection extends to the 2000AD panel

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That’s me behind Bolland in the second pic – Gaze into the nightstick of Pal!

Great photos but please and I mean PLEASE robot6, get rid of this new format… If it isn’t broken don’t fix it.
Otherwise great work as usual!

Awesome! I had been wondering how my 3 letter surname would look on a badge, now I know thanks to Judge Pal so can go order one for my own outfit. I’m guessing the stick is rubber/foam? Is that carried or does it hang off a belt loop?

Oh, Mistuh “AYE AM DUHLUUUUH!!” :-p

John Lau?

You’ll never put Melvin Mole in jail! NEVER!!!!

Judge Court approves of these photographs :) Thanks for the mention..!

Yeah the daysticks are foam so bend when pushed in – people have bought maglite holders to attach to the belt for carrying the sticks.

All this wouldn’t be possible if the artists and writers of 2000 AD weren’t up for a bit of fun and obviously Rebellion who own the comic, let us get away with murder, very nearly!

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