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Creators face off in Japanese reality show Renman

Showing one more way the grass is alwasy greener on the other side, American okatu Ryan Sands has uncovered a great Japanese reality-show competition that’s begging for an American equivalent: Each week on the NHK series Renman, two professional artists are pitted against each other in a contest/jam piece on the same sheet of paper. In the Jan. 6 episode, Hell Baby manga-ka Hideshi Hino went up against Drifting Classroom‘s Kazuo Umezu. Here’s the artwork they created:

Thankfully, someone has uploaded the episode to YouTube:

Even if you don’t know who Hideshi Hino or Kazuo Umezu are, this concept is absolutely mesmerizing. Imagine something like this pitting two American greats against each other. My pick for the pilot? Jim Lee vs. Frank Quitely. Let’s (art) fight!



…except that the “American Great” Frank Quietly is Scottish… so it’d have to be an international show…

They had something like this in the 70’s or 80’s, I’m not sure, but it was Moebius, Kubert, Adams and others working with eachother in a big sheet of paper.

This is an amazing idea. We should definitely do it. I wonder if Jim Lee and company would be available to do this for free.

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