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Dave Gibbons’ ‘Watchmen’ #1-3 covers sell for nearly $217,000

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Dave Gibbons' original cover art for "Watchmen" #1

Dave Gibbons’ original cover art for “Watchmen” #1

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Am I the only one who is disturbed by the fact that Watchmen #1’s cover went for just less than a THIRD of what McFarlane’s Spidey cover went for??? Not to speak ill of McFarlane’s artwork (which I do enjoy), but seriously – Watchmen was a landmark event in comics. Spidey is…. well…. Spidey.

Oops – sorry about that – I was looking at TOTAL number – it actually sold for less than A QUARTER of the Spidey cover.

man that DKR page is the greatest superhero page of all-time. Just look at it, it says so many things…..

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