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DragonCon issues statement on its connection to Ed Kramer



Noting that co-founder Ed Kramer is still “a stockholder despite our desires otherwise,” DragonCon issued a statement on Friday to address the “great deal of discussion” surrounding the accused child molester and his association with the convention.

Much of that discussion has been driven by novelist and comics writer Nancy A. Collins, who late last month asked professionals to boycott DragonCon because of its continued continued connection to Kramer, who was extradited back to Georgia in January on child-molestation charges dating back to 2000. Although Kramer resigned from the board following his original arrest, he continues to receive annual dividends from his one-third stake in the for-profit corporation — $154,000 for 2011 alone, according to Atlanta Magazine — while stalling his criminal case for more than a decade and suing co-founder Pat Henry and DragonCon/ACE Inc.

“No matter what Dragon*Con does or says, funds from the convention will continue to go to Edward Kramer until either he dies or the corporation that runs the convention dissolves and reincorporates under another name,” Collins wrote. “Dragon*Con knows what needs to be done, but has been dragging its feet on this matter, and has gone to great trouble over the last 12 years to hide the fact that they continue to fund Edward Kramer’s lifestyle. […] It is up to the Professionals — we writers, artists, musicians, editors, actors, and film-makers — to make a stand, as we are a large part of what attracts (at last count) 50,000 fans to the convention each Labor Day.”

According to the statement from DragonCon, organizers have made multiple attempts to sever ties with Kramer, including efforts to buy his shares.

“Unfortunately, Edward Kramer’s response to our buyout efforts was repeated litigation against Dragon*Con … thus our buyout efforts have been stalled. The idea proposed of dissolving the company and reincorporating has been thoroughly investigated and is not possible at this point. Legally, we can’t just take away his shares. We are unfortunately limited in our options and responses as we remain in active litigation,” the statement reads, noting that they hope the upcoming trials will “provide a resolution of Edward Kramer’s guilt or innocence, and therefore a cause of legally divorcing ourselves from him once and for all.”

You can find the entire statement below.

From the Dragon*Con Facebook page:

There has been a great deal of discussion as of late in the community regarding our continued financial connection to Edward Kramer. Please know that we are as troubled by this circumstance as anyone else, but please also know that there is no simple, legal, solution to this matter…if there were, it would have been resolved long ago.

For the record, Edward Kramer resigned from the Dragon*Con convention in the year 2000. Since that time, he has had no role in the direction or management of the convention; however, he remains a stockholder despite our desires otherwise.

Since Edward Kramer’s arrest in 2000, we have made multiple attempts to sever all ties between Edward Kramer and Dragon*Con including several efforts to buy Edward Kramer’s stock shares. Unfortunately, Edward Kramer’s response to our buyout efforts was repeated litigation against Dragon*Con…thus our buyout efforts have been stalled. The idea proposed of dissolving the company and reincorporating has been thoroughly investigated and is not possible at this point. Legally, we can’t just take away his shares. We are unfortunately limited in our options and responses as we remain in active litigation.

The current flood of “information” about this litigation appears to have been taken from the multiple lawsuits against Dragon*Con filed by Edward Kramer and his lawyers (i.e., Edward Kramer’s arguments and allegations, not documented facts). To our dismay, much of this misinformation is being quoted as pure fact despite the reality that a court of law determined that many of the facts and figures provided by Mr. Kramer in his law suits were false, inaccurate or completely fictitious.

It is our sincere hope that the end is in sight and that the upcoming trial(s) in Gwinnett County will provide a resolution of Edward Kramer’s guilt or innocence, and therefore a cause of legally divorcing ourselves from him once and for all.

Since 2000, Dragon Con has been managed by three of the original co-founders, Chairman Pat Henry and board members Dave Cody and Robert Dennis. In that time the convention attendance has grown from less than 10,000 to over 52,000 fans. Our goal has been and will continue to be, to provide the greatest fan driven science fiction/fantasy convention in the world.

We do hope that everyone understands that due to past, present, and possible future lawsuits we find ourselves unable to comment further on any matters concerning Edward Kramer. Please do not construe any future silence on the matter as a lack of concern on the part of the Dragon*Con staff and more specifically, our board of directors.

We will continue to strive to provide the best possible experience for our attendees, volunteers, partners and invited guests alike.

We are, and will remain, for the fans, by the fans.



So, why is it not possible for Pat Henry, Dave Cody and Robert Dennis to dissolve the company rather than continue to support a man charged with child molestation?

@Bill: Legal bullshit is still legal.

There may be something in the way the contracts are written that require them to wait until he’s convicted of a crime before they can force him to forfeit his remaining shares. Depending on how much bullshit he’s able to pull in order to delay his trial any further, that may be a very unsatisfactory answer to everyone demanding his head on a stick right now.

What is it with moral panics on this website lately? Boycott DC because of OSC, boycott DragonCon because of Kramer…

“Funding the lifestyle of an alleged child molester” connotes a level of awareness and complicity of which I’m skeptical. Honouring legal obligations which were created years before Kramer was first arrested and charged is no shame. To say otherwise is to suggest that the parties to the contracts other than Kramer knew of his alleged activities and covered them up – which is a very serious charge to toss around. As far we know, they knew nothing, and are now stuck with legal obligations created in good faith. Boycott DragonCon and you’re punishing them for not being omniscient.

I’m not familiar with the case, but typically I’ll trust the advice of an attorney over a writer in England. Dissolving and reforming could lead to bigger issue, It’s not always so simple.

Nancy A. Collins

February 17, 2013 at 2:35 pm

DragonCon may have no choice as to whether or not it continues to give Ed Kramer money. The same does not hold true to anyone else.

Boycott DragonCon.

From everything I have heard, Kramer is a piece of work. For years, he has claimed he has been physically incapable of standing trial, yet in 2011, he was seen hiking in the woods with out his cane or respirator. I am hoping his shenanigans can be put to an end and he will earn himself a long stay in jail and Dragon*Con can remove this boil.

Nancy A. Collins

February 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm

I should also like to point out that DragonCon removed my comments on their FB asking about Kramer’s appearance at their convention in 2008 and then banned me from further posting. Because that is how they deal with dissent in their world.

The fact still remains that despite their claims of having nothing to do with Ed Kramer, he was listed as a guest on their website for several days in 2008

and appears to only have been removed after they received complaints.

That did not keep him from attending the convention, however, as evidenced by this photo.

Please note the badge he is wearing. If he was, indeed, “banned”–no one bothered to tell the people at the membership table.

Boycott DragonCon.

“Since Edward Kramer’s arrest in 2000, we have made multiple attempts to sever all ties between Edward Kramer and Dragon*Con including several efforts to buy Edward Kramer’s stock shares. Unfortunately, Edward Kramer’s response to our buyout efforts was repeated litigation against Dragon*Con.”

That’s from DragonCon’s facebook page, and was included in the column above.

“According to court documents, between 2004 and 2006, Henry tried to buy Kramer out—eventually offering as much as $500,000—but Kramer refused to sell without seeing a balance sheet. So Henry simply withheld Kramer’s dividend until he threatened legal action.”

That was from here:

So, if starting another con is not an option, are the only options to buy Kramer out or wait until he’s declared guilty and legally disconnect from him?

Henry should have shared the balance sheet with Kramer. Is he just biding his time until Kramer’s declared guilty? In the meanwhile, good will has been lost, and for what scale profit?

We go to DragonCon every year. This Kramer mess leaves such a bad taste, all enthusiasm to go again has evaporated.

Amazing how all of a sudden, DragonCon has ties to Ed Kramer and can’t resolve them. Before now, the official statement has been that Ed Kramer has had NOTHING to do with DragonCon.

Another Con is definitely a possibility in Atlanta – you can call it the WyvernCon and have it on Veteran’s Day Weekend. It would probably have to be started by a group that has nothing to do with DragonCon.

It’s also a pretty weak argument to say that they hope that the case is resolved this year considering that Ed Kramer has been using DragonCon moneys to delay that case.

Better yet, just have Pat Henry give his shares to Ed Kramer and walk away to run Wyvern Con himself. Then Kramer is the majority shareholder of a con that he can’t run, and the problem evaporates.


“So, why is it not possible for Pat Henry, Dave Cody and Robert Dennis to dissolve the company rather than continue to support a man charged with child molestation?”

That’s a very simple answer, Bill. They cannot because they don’t care. The other owners are a bunch of spineless jellyfish that have openly supported Kramer, tried to distance themselves from Kramer, denied his involvement and only now even barely acknowledge (and still deny factual statements, like how much he owns) his involvement, depending on how the winds of public opinion blow. They won’t hesitate to lie their asses off about this, but yeah, making the tough choices, like letting DragonsizedCashcow die and starting something else is just too great a risk. If some little boys are sacrificed upon the Dragon alter by the high priest Kramer, then so be it.

Not that I am defending the guy or anything (I don’t too much about the situation), but I thought in American you were innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think anybody should call out Dragoncon until the trial is over.

There is a lot of things that can happen if they just try to dissolve and reincorporate. For instance, in some situations if they basically take the company out from under ED without good cause he can sue. Unless the partnership agreement allows some way to force him out (or force him to sell his shares) they are stuck with him.

Sadly, legally, the best thing to do is get him to agree to be bought out (since they haven’t dumped him already I’m assuming the partnership agreement doesn’t have an out they can already use) but he can hold their feet ot the fire as far as how much that costs.

I’m assuming the partnership agreement would have something for if he is convicted, so they could also try waiting….however long that takes.

@Marty, I’d honestly say that many thousands of people agreed with what you were saying back in 2001, 2002, when Ed Kramer’s supporters were asking for donations for his legal defense fund.

The problem is that over the intervening years, despite all the claims back then about Poor Ed being mistreated by the criminal justice system, it’s become painfully, sickeningly obvious that he’s no victim of mean ole Gwinnett County. He’s been spending what people estimate are millions of dollars on lawyers playing an astonishing number of tricks, stunts, and delays to stop this trial from ever happening. Gwinnett, one of the fastest growing counties in the nation, has one of the most backed-up court systems in the country. Every motion to delay based on some new claim – he has a new injury, his psoriasis is really bad, he stubbed his toe, now he can’t breathe without an inhaler, now he can’t walk any more, now the calendar has brought up an obscure religious holiday that nobody outside some extreme orthodox camp in northern Slovakia has celebrated in six hundred years and they’re denying him his rights, now he can only appear in court for ninety minutes a day because of medical hardships* – has delayed things for more than a decade…

…during which time he got caught violating his parole twelve states away in a hotel room with a minor, with no inhaler stapled to his beard and no motorized wheelchair.

Yes, our legal system does assume innocence until proven otherwise. The same system assumes that the innocent wish to clear their name. Kramer has no such wish.

Since you admit that you don’t know much about the situation, please educate yourself. This has been covered in Atlanta media (sporadically) for a very long time, with major articles appearing in the newspapers, the alt-weeklies, and the monthly magazines over the years. It has been debated across Usenet groups (back when the overwhelming majority of people were on Kramer’s side) through the present (when the only people left in his corner are the people with fingers in their ears afraid that their party might end). Something has happened in twelve years (!) to convince everybody who’s looked at this that Kramer’s a guilty man rollin’, and that is Kramer’s own regular, constant conduct to stay out of the courtroom.

*some of these might be exaggerations. Point’s still valid.

Thanks for the info Richard. I had no idea about the whole story. You think Gwinnett County would try to do something at this point to try to save face. I know that high profile cases tend to move faster these days, like Casey Anthony and Jerry Sandusky.

The Problem is that they don’t want to lose the name Dragon Con. They could just form a second Company and hold that con in Dragon’s Place but they don’t want to do that. Oh well. this just means I save 5 grand a year going to Dragon Con.

There’s actually a lot more to lose than just the name Dragon*Con. If you don’t want to spend money going to the show, that’s all well and good, but there’s no reason to make up your own facts. Someone may be foolish enough to actually take you seriously.

For hopefully the last time: dissolving DragonCon and forming a new company without Kramer for the sole purpose of getting him out of the picture would be fraud and is illegal. That’s why they don’t do it.

Everyone likes to support corporate and business regulation but no one bothers to learn the laws they support. Please read up instead of posting dozens of comments from a place of ignorance.

so it’s fraud and illegal

“funds from the convention will continue to go to Edward Kramer until either he dies or the corporation that runs the convention dissolves and reincorporates under another name,”

then dissolve the business

just dissolve the business… “no more DragonCon”

I am with Nancy A. Collins on this, close dragoncon or if they don’t well then Boycott DragonCon.

At the very least,

Everybody in fan circles, professional writing and comic businesses who attacked Nancy Collins owes her an apology.

I went to the trouble of re-reading as much as I could that was linked on another site and amongst a few of these so-called adults were the same usual people who have excused fraud, sexual harrassment, and general scummy behavior in past times while at the same time braying to all their fans whenever they had their own “livelihood” invaded, stolen, etc. by others! I could name names but some people are so fanboyish and idol worshipping that no amount of evidence is going to convince them that some of these people are without question hypocritical, depraved, and selfish individuals who don’t truly give a damn about anyone else let alone minors.

Want my honest opinion? Boycott BOTH DragonCon and those so-called pros who supported Ed Kramer blindly. While a lot of them are quote unquote “nobodies and third-tier talent” there are a number of self-proclaimed legends within that group, too. To truly send a lasting message, you have to hurt these people in their wallets and STOP BUYING THEIR PRODUCT. That unfortunately has always been a problem within certain fan communities who have a reputation for being “completists” and unable to stop buying things month-after-month even after the quality of said items has diminished noticeably!

It says something about these “professional” individuals when they support a man who has allegedly done the next-worst thing you can to a young individual after murder… “Alleged” doesn’t even sound like a necessary qualifier since it’s unquestionable now that the man-in-question is scum and has lied about many things over the years.

Honestly, how many people will boycott Dragon*Con? Enough to make a serious impact? Unless it’s thousands,it’s not going to make an impact.

Well, there’s “boycott,” which implies that you’d like to withhold your money in the hope that the business owner will change some business decision that they’ve made, and then there’s “I don’t want one-third of the profits of my ticket to go straight to Ed Kramer’s attorney in his ongoing bid to stay out of jail.”

I’d like to believe that Dragon*Con’s owners and shareholders want to, finally, extricate themselves from Kramer, but they genuinely don’t know how without shutting down the convention. That they aren’t willing to do so is disgustingly similar to the mindset behind considering banks being too big to fail, or covering up Jerry Sandusky, because God knows, Penn State football is too important to stop!

@Red Comet, you and others keep making that claim, and it’s one part legal truth and one part idiocy. There’s nothing in the world stopping Pat Henry and friends from owning multiple conventions. You, and others, are right that legally they cannot DISSOLVE Dragon*Con. All they seem to have to do, legally, is give enough shares to Kramer, just gift them outright, to turn HIM into the majority stockholder and decision maker, make it his show and make it his problem. If the majority shareholder is unable to finance or run a successful convention… well, shucks.

And all the idiotic talk that follows: but what about the BRAND, but what about the goodwill with the city of Atlanta, but what about the hotel contracts, but what about my Labor Day plans, that all is exactly the same as Penn State season ticket holders whining about NCAA penalties and discipline. Disgusting.

Wait… what if it wasn’t DragonCon he had shares in. What if he owned a bunch of google stock that he bought on the stock market, and was getting dividends in that? Would you folks be calling for a google boycott? Demanding they shut google down? Corporations can’t just “take” shares back from people, and even shutting down over it could be considered bad faith. And how many people need to lose their jobs just to get this one guy? Is this a case of “let’s screw him, and who cares how many other people we screw on the way?”

It is *illegal* in Georgia to dissolve a corporate entity when there are legal proceedings against it. That’s why the Dragoncon management doesn’t pack it in and start another con; they can’t. In order for them to dissolve the company, they would have to PAY Ed Kramer probably millions of dollars in the process and nobody wants that. The only thing they can do is to wait and hope that Gwinnett County sends him to jail. THEN they will have the legal right to force him out of his contract.

For crying out loud, how DENSE are the other stockholders? Take THEIR money and start a new Labor Day con in Atlanta. Leave the child molester with 100% ownership of the Dragon-Con name. Since he can’t exactly run a con from jail, he will own 100% of NOTHING! Cons split up all the time over silly stuff. Why can’t they do it over something really serious?

@Bill Anderson, Kramer’s legal proceedings against Dragon*Con weren’t begun until 2009. The con had nine years to get rid of him, legally, and chose not to, even inviting him to attend the 2008 show as a guest. From the beginning, there’s been a chasm-like gap between what the convention could do, and what they were willing to do. The things that they could have done might have necessitated not holding the con for one measly year. They were not willing to do that, fearing damage to the brand. Now that the name of Dragon*Con is a byword for child molestation, they might realize their brand has a much worse stink than “con that took a year off.”

When I was young, and living in Atlanta, Ed Kramer tried to pick me up a couple of times. I met him at “The Sword of the Phoenix” hobby shop, heck, he introduced my friends and I to Talisman, spoke passionately about the new Convention (this was in 1988) and his work as a family counselor.

He also never ceased trying to get me to come home with him (for some gaming and a glass of wine, maybe stay the night). It never worked, and I chalked him up as someone to never be alone with. The difference, in my case, was that I was 18. Old enough to consent, though too young to be legally plied with offers of wine.

A moved away and put Ed from my mind until I saw him at Gen Con, a year or two later. He looked like Hell, covered in angry red, and peeling skin. I was shocked. Back then I thought it was because he had AIDS (it was still the 80’s, what the public knew about AIDS could fit into a thimble), and I said my hellos and made my quick escape.

I’ve never seen him again. It wasn’t until two years ago when I saw an article about him online that I realized he was still around and that I really had dodged a bullet. I know that there are more people like myself out there. Underage people he was trying to ply with liquor, under age of consent people that he was taking advantage of.

I’ve never attended DragonCon, though I’d thought about it. Knowing that money from the Con is still going in his pocket? I’ll stick with GenCon.

Nancy A. Collins – “and has gone to great trouble over the last 12 years to hide the fact that they continue to fund Edward Kramer’s lifestyle.”

Tim Lieder – “Amazing how all of a sudden, DragonCon has ties to Ed Kramer and can’t resolve them. Before now, the official statement has been that Ed Kramer has had NOTHING to do with DragonCon.”

Really now?

I’m cutting the http://www. parts off to avoid the spam filter. But the links are still easy enough to check.

From 2002 – “While Kramer is still a major Dragon*Con shareholder, no dividends were issued last year on the private stock, says Henry, adding that his longtime associate no longer has any other official connection to the event he ran like a ringmaster for 14 years.”

From 2009 – “A spokeswoman for Dragon Con told Airlock Alpha that Kramer has not been involved with the operation of the convention since the criminal charges were first brought against him several years ago.”

“Although he is a minority shareholder in the corporation that runs Dragon Con, he no longer has control over management decisions,” the spokeswoman said. “That loss of control may be what motivated him to bring these baseless allegations. Dragon Con has enjoyed great success since Mr. Kramer left, and we do not think a court will second guess the way the current management has run it.””

Also 2009 – “Kramer’s attorney, McNeill Stokes, refused to comment. Henry responded only by e-mail.

“Although he [Kramer] is a minority shareholder,” wrote Henry, “he no longer has control over management decisions. That loss of control may be what motivated him to bring these baseless allegations.

“DragonCon has enjoyed great success since Mr. Kramer left, and we do not think a court will second guess the way that current management has run it.””

The Airlock Alpha piece and their quote was also later cited and republished here in 2011.

That’s three (or four) examples right there putting a lie to the claim that they’ve hidden the fact that Kramer was still a shareholder in the company. Creative Loafing is well known in the Atlanta area and actually a source on the story cited by boycott supporters (so we know they know it exists,) Airlock Alpha and Slice of Sci-Fi are fairly well known in convention going and geek circles and the Examiner, while not a source that received a firsthand quote, is not an obscure website. And I know I’ve seen a few other statements like that over the years as well. They’re just a pain in the neck to find right now given that every search engine hit anymore is related to the boycott news or Kramer arrest stories linked to the boycott.

But ain’t it just amazing how two people who have so loudly and confidently shouted this “fact” all over the net for the last month-plus in reality have no idea what they’re talking about?

Kind of makes one wonder how many other things they’ve stated as point blank fact that they have no clue about.

So, you use this to justify continuing to put money into the pocket of a pedophile? Whatever helps you sleep at night man.


Do I use the fact that the boycott brigade’s own talking points don’t stand up to reality as a reason to not support them or it? Yeah, I do. See, that’s not the only example of where they encounter accuracy failure in their claims. But, hey, you feel free to declare support for something that’s built on one inaccurate statement after another.

Also, the idea that money going to Dragon*Con and then going to Kramer via his shares, and in amounts that are also not what the boycott brigade claim them to be, is what’s kept him from facing justice all these years and still is today is laughable beyond words. The idea that boycotting Dragon*Con is going to fix the amount of stupid we’ve seen from the legal system down there during the early years of this case is even more laughable.

Seriously, engage your brain a second. Let’s give them the $150,000 figure. Hell, let’s even give them the version of it that they’ve spun it into as being the $150,000 per year that Dragon*Con has been paying him.

Are you really so gullible that you can be convinced that all you need is $150,000 a year to keep yourself away from facing justice for 12 years? As a matter of fact, I’d hazard a guess that you could open up the average news site’s annual year-end wrap-ups from the last 12 years and find a whole slew of high profile cases with celebrities, millionaires, billionaires and mega-rich companies that didn’t want to face trial or justice and, somehow, even with way more cash and connections, still faced trial and justice in fairly short order.

Hell, you wanna talk connections and money? Ever hear of some guy named “Scooter” Libby? Here was a man with some major cash reserves and, if I remember correctly, some rather high placed friends with connections. As a matter of fact, neither Libby, his rather high placed friends or his high priced legal team wanted him to face trial. Not only did he face trial in rather short order, but he was convicted.

But Kramer’s vast fortune of “$150,000 per year” from Dragon*Con (a bogus claim to begin with) is keeping him from facing justice for going on 13 years now?

If you really buy that claim then I have a bridge for you to buy as well.

Look, Edward Kramer is at this point in time closer to having an actual trial than at anytime in this farce since 2003. His defenders are few and far between at this point with even some of his legal team walking out on him while citing not being able to defend him in good faith at this point. He’s shown himself to be untrustworthy and high risk if allowed out on bond and is now about as likely to be released on bond or placed on unmonitored house arrest as seeing snowfall in hell. He might not even be able to play the ill-health card anymore if anyone snapped pictures or took video of him in Connecticut while he was reportedly hiking around the woods being used for the filming of the independent movie he was involved in. His bag of tricks is all but empty at this point.

Wanna do something useful? Try and generate a movement to put a spotlight on the case. Out focus on the case and the courts and then maybe we see this get resolved before we all die. But Boycotting Dragon*Con doesn’t hurt Kramer in the least at this point or help the legal case one bit. All it does is hurt everyone not named Kramer.

And, again, if the boycott has to be built and supported with a string of half-truths and outright inaccuracies, it probably isn’t worth building or supporting to begin with.

Bob Brinkman

May 5, 2013 at 9:19 am

I think that willingly putting money in the pocket of a pedophile stands on its own. You can’t get around that, so you ignore it. It is great that you feel that you can defend people lining his pockets while not defending *him*, but it should be pointed out that he HAS been able to avoid prosecution, mostly by filing a great number of his own motions. That rather cuts down on costs.

See, your argument that the money he’s receiving doesn’t help him avoid prosecution when he has, in fact, avoided trial for so long.

Sure, I’ve heard of Scooter Libby…and it doesn’t mean squat. Your entire vast arrays of comparisons all are absolutely meaningless. Each court case is a unique situation and, in this case? Ed Kramer has avoided trial for HOW long?

That he may FINALLY face trial is a wonderful thing. But until then, people attending Dragon Con are putting money in the pockets of a pedophile. It doesn’t matter how you want to justify that to yourself. That is a plain and simple fact that you can NEVER get around.

Go to DragonCon, support a pedophile.

Now, I’m sure that the moment that they can legally sever ties with Kramer, they will. I don’t think the folks at DragonCon are horrible people, they have just made a poor moral choice. That latest boy that Kramer had his hands on? Courtesy of DragonCon and its attendees.

Regardless of how badly DragonCon or anyone else wants to hurt Kramer financially (or otherwise) it still comes down to the American ideal that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty” and not the other way around as it is in other places. Legally DragonCon has to assume he is innocent until such a time he is found guilty when they can take action against him. I’m sure that this Kramer is a master manipulator as most predators are. I’m sure that there was much legal wrangling over the attendance and guest-listing to the Con itself. Hopefully it was a ploy to get him from CT to GA to stand trial.
As for the boycott, it would hurt many many people, the blood bank, the charities, the small vendors, and downtown Atlanta greatly, Kramer, least of all.

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