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Marko Manev’s Superhero Noir

Macedonian illustrator Marko Manev has designed minimalist superhero-themed posters before (check out his Watchmen and Marvel projects on Behance), but his latest series, Superhero Noir, is quite a step up from that work. These are powerful, cinematic, renditions of classic comic book heroes. No wonder these images are showing up all over the internet right now — they’re breathtakingly good, reminding you of how dramatic (or downright majestic) these characters can be when used right.  No wonder that when the Bottleneck Gallery announced they were selling prints of a couple of these designs yesterday, they sold out in minutes.

Check out the examples below, then head over to see a few of these not featured here or in Manev’s Behance gallery over at his Tumblr blog.



These are awesome – truly iconic! The only one that falls short, imo is the Hulk. His pose doesn’t seem as iconic, nor does it say “raging” to me. That said, they’re all beautiful.

Francesco Francavilla did a very similar Silver Surfer piece:

His version of Superman should be “Last Son of Krypton” instead of Man of Steel.

Generic, boring and ugly.

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