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Mike Huddleston, sketching every copy of Butcher Baker in France


A few U.S. and U.K. (and Brazilian) comics folks have made it back from the Angoulême International Comics Festival and blogged about their time there, but few American artists would have gotten home faster than Mike Huddleston, who now lives in France.

The Ankama Editions/619 Label version of his and Joe Casey’s Butcher Baker, The Righteous Maker seems to be going great guns there, and Huddleston seems to have made it his mission to sketch in every single copy of the book. Fortunately for us living in the age of the smartphone, he’s also recording these sketches for posterity. Below are some examples for your delectation. Few artists could do so much in so little time, armed with just four Sharpies and a bottle of Wite-Out. Careful now, as there’s slight potential for a NSFW tattoo on some of these characters offending your boss. The prude.

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This is so cool. I would like to get a free sketch also.

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