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Monkeybrain’s digital comics are heading to print


Monkeybrain Comics will bring its digital titles to print beginning in June in collected editions released through IDW Publishing and Shadowline/Image. Launched in July 2012 by Monkeybrain founders Chris Roberson and Allison Barker, the digital imprint has so far distributed its creator-owned comics exclusively through comiXology.

The print editions will kick off with the IDW collection of Edison Rex, Roberson and Dennis Culver’s story about the world’s greatest villain who must figure out what to do with his life after he defeats his arch-nemesis. That will be followed in July by the Shadowline/Image collection of Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson’s superhero-noir anthology Masks & Mobsters. The initial wave of collections will conclude in August with the IDW release of Amelia Cole and the Unknown World, the fantasy from Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride and Nick Brokeshire. More collections announcements are promised in coming months.

“Print collections have been a main goal from the beginning and it’s really exciting to see such a major piece of the plan fall into place,” Baker said in a statement, “especially since it means even more people get to discover the amazing work of our creators!”

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This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! So happy to read / hear this :)
Congrats to all concerned – you have certainly worked hard enough to get here. MonkeyBrain is a freaking ingenious endeavor!!!

These Monkeybrain titles are the only titles that have caused me to take the digital plunge because I felt that they were at the right price point. They intrigued me as something different that I probably would not have originally purchased in print form. I’m greatly enjoying Edison Rex, along with Masks and Mobsters. I’m probably going to be digitally buying all of the first Amelia Cole series very soon, but where’s the love for the Bandette series?! Ironically, I will probably not be duplicating these titles in collected print editions but the Bandette title simply MUST become available for print readers for next summer 2014! Monkeybrain, keep up what you’re doing!

I have no knowledge, but I think Bandette has to have enough installments to warrant a print collection. I love that series nearly the most of all the Monkeybrain line (Edison Rex is my most favorite title). Amelia Cole and Masks & Mobsters have released six issues, while Edison Rex will be releasing its sixth issue later this month. Bandette has only released three (great) issues to date.

That’s why I figured that Bandette would not see print until Summer 2014. Colleen Coover just needs to draw the same quality just a little bit faster for us (I can hope, right?). I’m looking forward to Bandette 4 and Edison Rex 6 to be released fairly soon. Will probably buy them all together along with Amelia Cole 1-6, Masks and Mobsters 6 and the the Unfair one-shot. The funny thing is that earlier this evening I had cause to suddenly remember that it was the still-yet-to-be-released INTERGALACTIC by Joe Keatinge and Ken Garing that originally directed my attention to Monkeybrain. I’m now wondering when that is supposed to be released.

Great news. Personally, this give me hope for a print version of Mask of the Red Panda, though Bandette is also fun.

Gun Devil is a free PDF on the site –interesting…..

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