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Occupy the DCU? The Green Team & The Movement launch in May

On the heels of Thursday’s wave of cancellations, DC Comics has announced two new politically themed series from creators Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II, and Art Baltazar, Franco and Ig Guara.

Debuting in May, the companion titles The Movement and The Green Team bring into the DC Universe the economic issues that propelled the Occupy movement and dominated much of the 2012 presidential election. In short, they’re a look at the 1 percent and the 99 percent — the haves and the have nots —  in a world populated by superheroes.

“The Movement is an idea I’ve had for some time,” Simone tells The Huffington Post. “It’s a book about power — who owns it, who uses it, who suffers from its abuse. As we increasingly move to an age where information is currency, you get these situations where a single viral video can cost a previously unassailable corporation billions, or can upset the power balance of entire governments. And because the sources of that information are so dispersed and nameless, it’s nearly impossible to shut it all down. […] The previous generations of superheroes were not created to address this, it’s a legitimately new frontier, both for the real world and for storytellers. ”

The Green Team, by Baltazar, Franco and Guara, meanwhile, takes a more lighthearted look at what someone with virtually unlimited wealth might have access to in the DC Universe.

“DC knew we were the right team for the job,” Franco tells Big Shiny Robot. “They knew our sense of humor would be an important element of the book but they also knew we could bring the story that would make this something people would want to read. Intrigue, young love, money and even these superpowers beings that inhabit the world.”

Baltazar adds, “This gives us the chance of making older, obsolete characters relevant … and awesome in the new DC universe. We also had certain pop culture and social media references and questions that we wanted to bring up.”

Written by GAIL SIMONE
1:25 Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale MAY 1 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T+
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for more information.
We are faceless. We are limitless. We see all. And we do not forgive.
Who defends the powerless against the GREEDY and the CORRUPT? Who protects the homeless and poverty-stricken from those who would PREY upon them in the DARK OF NIGHT?
When those who are sworn to protect us abuse their power, when toxic government calls down super-human lackeys to force order upon the populace…finally, there is a force, a citizen’s army, to push order BACK. Let those who abuse the system know this as well: We have our OWN super humans now. They are not afraid of your badges or Leagues. And they will not be SILENCED.
We are your neighbors. We are your co-workers. And we are your children.

1:25 Variant cover by CLIFF CHIANG
On sale MAY 22 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T

This issue will ship with two covers.
INVENTORS! EXPLORERS! ADVENTURERS! Do you need money to finance an important project? Then you should set up a meeting with THE GREEN TEAM!
• Nature of world-changing idea:
• Amount requested:
• Does your project have the potential to:
Fracture space-time?
Replace the combustion engine?
Attract extraterrestrial attention?
Prove/disprove existence of deities?
Piss off The Justice League?
Render the human body obsolete?
If any of the above are checked, please fill out liability release form GT2013-05. Send any 82 drawings, plans, models, or photos with request.



WTF (certified)? Is it a joke or what?

And no information of their format: mini, maxi, ongoing.
Bleuuurgh… Since the “interviews” of bob HAaAar-@ss (the worst kind of “How to say nothing with a feeling of (WT)F****** the readers” lesson), DC’s no more DC…

Frankly, I have no regrets to have dropped DC.

I am a 99% free reader.

Nitzan Rotschild

February 8, 2013 at 5:39 am

At first when I saw the headline I was thinking “Wha-?!”
But I have to admit after reading the article that I’m intrigued. It’s certainly… different. Nice to see DC taking a risk like that with such “out of left field” titles, and the creative teams are both solid.
I have to say I’m more intrigued by The Movement than The Green Team though.

If they are not listed as a mini, then they are an ongoing.

The Green Team – Yes. Well… maybe. Depends on the humor.
The Movement – FUCK NO.

I actually like this idea. It’s different and new and, at least I hope, not your typical superhero title. I’d give it a shot. I always give books an issue or two before coming to a judgement on the quality.

Um, I’m pretty sure it’s Freddie Williams II. I don’t believe Freddie has any offspring. If he did, they would be, like, toddlers.

Two things….

1) The movement sounds fascinating. Not only does it sound like they are doing something offbeat, morally grey, and different with superheroes, but it seems like it is Gail Simone driven. Last time that happened, we got something called the Secret Six. Already excited for this.

2) I am very relieved that BALTAZAR and FRANCO have not left DC, as they were one of the best creative teams they had.

I was just saying to my wife that DC has never really managed to do well with political comics, while it’s in Marvel DNA (all those heroes with Cold War origins). So along comes the one person at DC I want to see doing more, and maybe the one person who is dark enough to do this right.

How can I say no to anything Gail does?

Will wait and see on the other title, but Balthazar deserves to be rewarded for his acclaim (if not his sales). The bigger question is whether the corporate overlords at Time Warner will leave these alone. We all know the editors are really rocking the boat too much as it is. They could be the target.

Or not. While Arrow is far from a political series, it’s very much about the crimes of the 1%, using these now familiar terms quite often.

Soo… is Batman going to be part of the green team? i mean, he’s part of the 1%…

These will make a big splash…like a turd in a punch bowl. Why Simone continues to waste her talents at DC, I have no idea.

Hmm, can’t wait for the rape stories, destruction of private property, and lack of sanitation in the Movement comic!

“WTF (certified)? Is it a joke or what?

And no information of their format: mini, maxi, ongoing.
Bleuuurgh… Since the “interviews” of bob HAaAar-@ss (the worst kind of “How to say nothing with a feeling of (WT)F****** the readers” lesson), DC’s no more DC…

Frankly, I have no regrets to have dropped DC.

I am a 99% free reader.”

i guess that leaves you more money to buy marvel’s 700 avengers crossover books this summer…

May check out The Green Team. Maybe. Sorry, Gail, love your works, but The Movement doesn’t pique my interest at all.

Points for trying something new.

That means, it has infinite potential. It can be the next Watchmen, or just more of the same, or the worst thing ever. So… I’ll wait.

What Joe Simon creation is DC set to lose the rights to next? They’ve taken care of Brother Power, Prez Rickard, and now The Green Team.
Hmmm…I’ll have to go back through my 1st Issue Special series and see what else is there.

Will the “heroes” of The Movement defecate on the Batmobile?

Of course The Green Team will be light-hearted in tone. No doubt, it will be a gentle mocking of the rich and powerful, while The Movement will be straight-faced and moralistic. This is what Zizek calls interpassivity: a process by which cultural objects do the work of criticizing capitalism for the reader, rather than the reader doing the work themselves. Cultural objects such as Wall-E and this are produced by gigantic multinational success stories of capitalism who use these objects to help pacify a slightly angered workforce. No, I won’t be buying either of these, despite my love of Simone, because cultural objects like this only help reproduce and confirm what Mark Fisher calls “capitalist realism.”

April Fools!!!!!

maybe. is this on or out of the New 52?

reading most comic creators twitter feed including gail’s doesn’t give me a lot of hope for this.

Gail and many creators have pretty simplistic views when it comes to political issues & movements, even comics heralded for political complexities make it pretty obvious for anyone who has spent a day in with campaigners, lobbyist, and behind the scenes in politics know these tend to be too idealistic compared to reality.

The interviews, and Huffington Post say they are both new ongoing books in the New 52.

Can you say DOA?

Actually these aren’t WTF certified but DOA certified.

Like the real life groups that inspired them, they’ll accomplish nothing and won’t last long.

Sounds cool. Im give them a try.

Both sound cool. I’ll give them each a try.


Both look pretty promising to me. And finally, the awesome Freddie Williams is drawing a book I want to read!!

Lee @ 708am is correct.

Not only comics creators, but hardly anyone in the entertainment industry has much of an understanding of politics or economics.

I’m putting the over/under on both of these books at 6 issues. Although, The Green Team could have a Eureka-type bend to it which I think could interest some folks, I am not going to count on it.

Canceled by Christmas

Weird, just came from newsarama where they had a story where Green Team was mentioned as a “what if…”. And click, here it is. Anyway, I am interested in both these books–especially if the writers are allowed to say what they want.

Soooooo… They won’t publish Doom Patrol, Outsiders, Dr Fate, Spectre, Lobo, Manhunter, Starman, Booster Gold… but they KEEP releasing these obscure comics for 8 issues until they’re cancelled because absolutely nobody wants to read them? WTF indeed…

I’ll probably give both a try. The Green Team especially sounds like a fun book. And I’d actually prefer it over Lobo or another failed relaunch of the Doom Patrol or the Outsiders. As for Dr. Fate, there’s a new version in Earth 2, so he’s not exactly being ignored.

I’m sure these series will be great for the 3 issues they get before they’re cancellled.

Comic fans complaints: We want new things!!! New comics come out: Whats this crap?? Give us familiar characters!! SMH.

Timely! I can’t wait for the debut of Yoloman and Gangham Boy in 2015.

1) Where is my Shazam solo so I can stop getting these slow bits and pieces? Still trying to wrap my mind around a Vibe solo.

2) I’m pretty sure this would work better as 1 book with 2 viewpoints.

I’ve yet to be attracted to a title that overtly sets itself on any kind of political footing. I’ve yet to see it done well.

Perhaps that’s reading too much into the solicitation copy, but we’ll see.

Not wanting to see her put a foot wrong, I await Gail’s ‘Movement’ with mild trepidation.

That sounds all kinds of wrong, but with a title like that . . . .

shit like this is is why comic fans, particularly those on the internet, can be utterly intolerable as a whole.

Fans: “I’m sick and tired of Bat-books and X-books! Diversity! Creative freedom! Creatively bankrupt! Do something different!”

DC/Marvel does something different with well-liked creators.

Fans: “lol, canceled in six issues.”

Seriously, fuck off.

Soooooo… They won’t publish Doom Patrol, Outsiders, Dr Fate, Spectre, Lobo, Manhunter, Starman, Booster Gold… but they KEEP releasing these obscure comics for 8 issues until they’re cancelled

Yes…and THANK GOD! They’re doing something DIFFERENT.

Comics would be so much healthier without so many fans who have their nose stuck up in the air.

I like gail and amanada these are two books will be lucky to last 6 issues. There are characters want to see in books that refuses to let anyone use but what do we get? Crap like this.

The Green Team and The Movement?


There’s a third party who’s better than the both of them: THE NEUTROS!!!! We don’t pick either side, we BUG both sides! Try an’ stop us, losers!


I’ve got over 30 years of collecting and 1000s of superhero books I was excited for the alternatives to standard superhero books.. I dropped a few like Detective, Batman and Robin and tried more of the ‘off the beaten’ path books from the new 52 (OMAC, Men of War, GI Combat, Phantom Stranger)
Any one sense a trend here?
On the whole I enjoyed the different ideas put forth but most ended up as mini series.
Phantom Stranger is still going for now, but with series dropping like flies I don’t hold much hope.

Overall the new 52 has left me cold. If they TRULY started over then it may have worked. Batman and BoP continuing some continuity, and the issues with ages for Batman’s various “Robins” are confusing.

Honestly some characters like Hawkman, Firstorm, Booster Gold, etc work better as minis. I would prefer to see DC just focus on some lower-tier characters in mini series instead of cancelling titles.

That being said, I no longer buy DC titles. New 52 may appeal to some but for me, my era with DC began at Crisis, and ended with New 52. It was a fun ride though.

I’ll read friends copies of anything that looks interesting.

If this book is successful, won’t it mainly benefit the 1%?

Is this DC’s version of Uncanny X-Men vs. All-New X-Men ?
And why couldn’t DC just work in these themes/concepts into its previously cancelled titles like Blue Beetle, Hawk and Dove or so?
Honestly, these won’t sell well at all.

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