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Quote of the Day | Geoff Johns on leaving Green Lantern

Green Lantern #20, Geoff Johns’ final issue

“I’m obviously ending my run with a little sadness because I love these characters, every single one of them. But I’m walking away feeling very proud of what we’ve done and very grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with so many fellow creators. It’s that collaboration, and every reader out there, who have made this a truly special experience. It’s hard to imagine a GREEN LANTERN universe without characters like Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Saint Walker, the Indigo Tribe or the rest of the gang anymore. And I can’t count how many Lantern t-shirts of all colors I continue to see.”

Geoff Johns, who will step down in May as writer of DC’s Green Lantern
after nine years and more than 100 issues



Hey Geoff,


Thanks for leaving or thanks for the work?

Geoff Johns announces he’s leaving Green Lantern on the same day the Pope quits. That can’t be a coincidence, can it? Surely he’s just clearing his plate for something much bigger. :)

Thanks for great run Geoff Jones!! Your run is greatly appreciated. Long Live the Corps!!

Charles J. Baserap

February 11, 2013 at 11:24 am

I think this will present a real test for DC because they’ll have to put a big name on the book; is GL selling as well because it’s GL…or because it’s Johns. We’ve seen what happened, and what will likely happen, when Johns left Aquaman and what’s happened with some other creators at times and with the GL properties being the only ones outside of the Batman ones that are constantly in the top 10-20 every month, this is a crucial moment for DC. Let’s hope for the best.

There’s a god after all…

Thanks for the good work on GL.

To clarify.

I have no problem imagining GL without all the shitty rainbow Corps.

and like Hawkman, Booster Gold, Teen Titans, and so many others this book will slowly die.

Haters gonna hate but Geoff’s work on GL is one of the greatest runs on any superhero comic in recent history. It will be very interesting to see whom are given the reins for issue #21. Those are some gigantic shoes to fill.

Well it was a good run, but this is going to be a real test for me, as far as DC is concerned. Can this book survive or much like JSA, Superman, Teen Titans, and Booster Gold? Or will this book just wither and die under a bunch of creative team changes, bad editorial decisions, lack of direction, incosistent artwork, and just lackluster effort. Not to mention endless crossovers with books outside the GL Family in hopes of saving it.

I’m calling it now, if this book falters, and those things start to happen, Batman crossover within 6 months.

Being on the same book, or collection of books for nine years or so, has to some kind of record, at least nowadays. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of Mr. John’s work on Green Lantern.

I enjoyed 2/3rds of his run, but I’m ready to see him go. I doubt his replacement will be as ambitious and last half as long on the book, so here’s one more off the old pull list.

It is good to see this epic run get a ending. If Johns can stick the landing, even better. Thanks to Johns and everyone else for a truly enjoyable decade of Green Lantern. I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Good, maybe Judd Winnick can come back and DC can start pushing a worthwhile character like Kyle Rayner again. I’ll take the three years or so of Winnick’s run over any of John’s run, Sinestro Corp War included. Seriously, how has that run not been collected but War of the Green Lanterns did?

Wow. Anonymous’s mind is no longer in mint condition. I like Judd winick. Enjoyed his power girl. But better than Geoff Jones…. ummm No.

I didn’t read Green Lantern before Mr Johns’ run. Wasn’t interested.

Then I read Rebirth. It’s been a great decade since and I’ve been caught up on the entire DCU through the gateway of Hal Jordan’s interstellar adventures. All the way up till the New 52 universe and despite a mediocre feature film…

Thanks, Geoff for igniting my interest in the DCU.

Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern and everything he added to the Lantern universe is easily the best stuff DC published in the last 10 years.

Sad to see it end, I hope the new people can build off of there. We’ll see.
I’m not too interested in a return to Silver Age Earth-villain of the week stories so I hope GL is still rooted in cosmic stories.

Green Lantern was the first comic book I ever bought. It was the sixties! I bought every single Silver Age Green Lantern comic. I followed GL right up until the knuckleheads at DC turned Hal evil. Then I dropped the title for good.

But Geoff Johns lured me back. I enjoyed Geoff’s run up until he brought in a zillion different colors. I generally don’t like retcons, and dropped GL at that point. He watered down the GL Corps concept. Polluted it.

@ Mike T.

Did you read his Green Lantern run? At least he didn’t rely on six other Corp and killing off C-list characters left and right to move books. Johns is the definition of GrimDark, and while I loved his JSA, I say good riddance when it comes to his GL. Name one arc besides Sinestro Corp War or Rebirth that deserves more than a 3.5 star rating. Maybe Agent Orange, and I can’t think of anything else.

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