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Rob Liefeld wants to draw your short story

youngblood76Rob Liefeld made waves in 2011 when he resurrected his Extreme Studios properties by handing over the characters to the likes of Brandon Graham, Simon Roy, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell. And now he’s looking to give somebody else a shot.

To that end, he has launched an Extreme Talent Contest in which young writers are given a chance to have their short story published in an issue of Youngblood and Bloodstrike, drawn by none other than Liefeld himself.

He explains that he’s looking for pitches for a five- to six-page short story featuring Extreme Studios characters. Three winners will be selected, one every few weeks beginning March 6; those writers chosen will have to complete a work-for-hire agreement to move on to the next stage. More details, including a link to a submission agreement, can be found on Liefeld’s blog.

“I have the absolute highest regard for creators and for the ownership of original properties, and this agreement should in no way be misconstrued as license for us to appropriate your creations,” he writes. “This agreement protects Rob Liefeld from any liabilities involving coincidental similarities to works-­‐in-­‐progress or other submissions. Any submissions received without a signed agreement will be discarded without review.”



Someone is killing the heroes of the Extreme Universe – chopping up their bodies with huge spiked swords and putting the bloody remains in dozens of pouches. the Bloodstrike and the Youngblood team come together to track down the ruthless killer.

Boy is he asking for trouble. LOL So many more people want to write comics than draw them . . . he should give himself more time to review these pitches. LOL Yes, I’m actually working on mine right now LOL

I’d sooner give my story to a hyper, sugar-addled five year old. At least a five year old can draw feet.

It certainly will be short because no one will have any feet!

“Liefeld/NOT an artist…”

theme song to “Atop the Fourth Wall”

The Boy With A Herve Villechaize Tattoo

February 21, 2013 at 10:47 am

No thank you, Rob. Already have a master on hand.
*Passes pencil and paper to a monkey. ;)

Here’s a story: A guy with no artistic talent copies some other artists’ drawings and convinces some folks that he can draw. He can only draw one facial expression, a grimace, but he comes along at exactly the right time to make a killing in a bloated industry.

However, he has no work ethic and is also very difficult to get along with, so in a few years he finds himself washed up and discarded by an industry that has moved on. Twenty years later he attempts a comeback, and manages to convince an old friend, who is now a co-publisher, to give him another chance.

But in all those twenty years he still hasn’t learned to draw, and he’s such a prima donna no one wants to work with him any more. So he creates a contest, hoping to stir up some interest in his properties, and also hoping to get some decent stories he can rip off from unwitting adolescents.

The story can have a happy ending if the guy signs up for some life drawing classes. It’s never too late to learn. He can still learn how to draw things like feet and facial expressions. But first he has to learn humility, and that is the biggest obstacle of all.

Why all the hate? Given the lockout that amateur writers and artists are facing due to the lockout put in place by the big two since the went mega corporate shouldn’t more people be thankful that someone is willing to give the little guy a chance to get a foot in the door. Who cares if Liefeld doesn’t draw feet that meet your exacting standards he’s still a veteran in the industry who is trying to give something back. Geez if every one who is spewing bile on the forums were such an expert you’d already be working in the industry and not eating Cheetos in your mom’s basement writing Firefly fan fiction in your underwear.

Damn smart phone cursor. Yes I am aware several bits there seem out of place. I have once again been thwarted by my tech.

Sorry. I’m not a hypocrite. Why let him draw it when the lot of us have criticized his work? I rather use deviantart

Much too harsh- Rob Liefeld’s art has come a long long way- clearly he has taken the slamming on anatomy and fixed it. Current work is better drawn and fun to read. Why not do this? sounds like allot of fun- great way to get a huge amount of people to read your work(whether or not you want to take apart his work critically, he clearly sells allot of books) and since it’s his characters you write you’re haven’t “given away” anything. Seems like fun to me. Methinks the critics doth protest to much.

I’ll have a hit of what Greg Giodano’s smoking!

That sounds more like a punishment than a reward.

Wow. I don’t know which is entertaining: Liefeld’s desperate attempt to show that he still has something amounting to relevancy in the comic book industry or the apologists in this forum coming to this sorry sod’s defence even when they know that he’s been a lost cause ever since the 90’s ended.

It’s bad enough that HE’S the guy wanting to illustrate your short story. The fact that he wants you to use HIS characters? I’d rather he serve me breakfast in bed or pump his own stomach (since he was obviously drinking while he thought this up) than me giving him another reason to feel good about his ‘gifts’ and ‘talents’.

FUCK Rob Liefeld. May he forever be damned for his backwards-ass tricks and schemes to feel ‘relevant’ again till the day he gets put into the ground.

And yet somehow he’s created, produced and sold more comics than all of you haters combined. What does that say about you?

True. BUT that he’s created, produced and sold more crap for far longer than Uwe Boll has been directing shitty video game movies says lots about him and then some.

If only we had a time machine. Only then we would able to cause a paradox that WIPES rob ‘pouches’ liefeld out of existence.

As for Michael, CONGRATS: you just won the golden middle finger for most pointless comment ever written!

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