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Six by 6 | Six great superhero comics outside of Marvel and DC

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The Rocketeer (IDW): Dave Stevens struck gold when he created the helmeted aviation-inspired hero the Rocketeer. But after the artist’s death, fans worried we’d never see a new story of the Rocketeer and his alter-ego, stunt pilot Cliff Secord. But IDW Publishing and Scott Dunbier worked with the Stevens family and some of comics greats to produce two hit anthology series and are now doing series of miniseries featuring the likes of Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Roger Langridge and J. Bone. Channeling the pulpy goodness of Stevens’ run, these standalone stories are unburdened by concerns about the next crossover or some impending movie, but instead focus doing great comics for the sake of great comics.

savage dragon

Savage Dragon (Image): Erik Larsen’s childhood hero the Savage Dragon has become comics longest-running superhero series without a major creator shift or renumbering, but all that is marketing hoo-ha because the story inside  is great — no matter what number is on the cover. Despite his alien-looking appearance, Larsen’s creation is a real blue-collar hero who gets mixed up in all manner of adventures ranging from subterranean sewer fights to space-based battles that gets those Kirby dots crackling. By truly taking advantage of the near-limitless story potential comics can afford, Larsen’s used his drawing hand and his storytelling mind to really create an unadulterated fun read month in and month out.

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Every time I read something like, “All comic book readers want to hear superheroes talk about the logistics of superhero sex!” I learn again why DC has gone the direction it has and why comics seem to be less and less for me.

Sigh. Some of us feel like we’re being pushed further and further out of the club.

But those of you excited about it, have fun!

On both Jack Staff and now Mud Man, Paul Grist has been doing super-heroes better than pretty much anyone else for the last decade or so. I say this not to be the guy who whines a personal favourite didn’t make the cut (it’s only six titles, I realize). I say this because his work is fun, smart, accessible, gore/misogyny-free, and, in terms of page composition and form, daringly unlike no one else.

How could you ignore Empowered?


Six titles, three pages? Really? Need the clicks and hits that bad CBR? Sheesh.


Lotta clicking here for three pages of low content.

I’ll Add Danger Club from Image, hope we get more issues soon

I would also put Madman in there, like seriously you guys, srsly.

I’ll add COPRA and Hypernaturals.

This makes me miss Quantum and Woody. That short-lived book was awesome.


DC doesn’t talk about superhero sex logistics. They talk about juvenile fantasy sex logistics. Give Invincible a try and you’ll be pleasantly proven wrong, because besides the grandiose superhero drama and excess violence, it involves Really good character interaction. True, most of its characters are young, and it often sticks with young people’s notions, but it does them really well.

For more mature character interactions between full adults check out Savage Dragon. It’s tackled every issue imaginable.

Seriously? 3 pages? decent read but nothing i’ll waste three clicks on again.

Jesus fuck, are you people so lazy you can’t be bothered to click a button on the internet? Seriously?

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