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Spider-Man has turned into a wedding (cake) crasher


When it comes to food-related television, I prefer Chopped, Top Chef and BBQ Pitmasters to the seemingly dozens of cake- and cupcake-decorating shows that dot the programming schedule. Therefore, I’m not familiar enough with the latest trends to guess where, or why, this originated, but apparently … hiding a little Spider-Man on your wedding cake is now a thing.

That’s according to Neatorama, which has been spotting edible wall-crawlers climbing out from underneath the fondant of otherwise normal cakes. Because what better to complete that four-tier cake with its hundreds of painstakingly crafted pink flowers than a tiny Wed-Head?

If it’s merely a concession to that nerdy bride or groom then why, as asks, is it always Spider-Man? Perhaps it’s some stealthy confectionery protest of “One More Day” …






The first one, especially, has a strong suggestion of that much-recycled “Spider-Man trapped under a zillion tons of rubble” scene.”

“Aunt May counting on me… Must… get out from under… giant… cake!”

Hell with that. Spidey will be on TOP of my cake.

That’s awesome, but would be even more awesome if it was more like Wraith suggested, and was Spidey in that kneeling position holding up the cake as if it was the machinery rubble from the “Master Planner” comic storyline

Where did you find the spider-man that was put in the cake?

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