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The Office’s Dwight Schrute recalls his years at ‘X-Men School’

Over the course of eight-plus seasons of NBC’s The Office, we’re learned a lot about Dwight Schrute: He operates a successful beet farm, and a not-so-successful bed and breakfast, he’s served as a volunteer deputy sheriff, his grandfather may or may not be a Nazi war criminal.

But last night’s episode provided viewers with perhaps the greatest revelation of all: As a child, Dwight spent time at a special school for children hated and feared by humanity for no other reason than … they are mutants!

That chapter from Dwight’s past surfaced as he interviewed candidates for a job at Dunder Mifflin — a pool that included his cousin Mose, his former babysitter/lover, and one of his classmates from “X-Men School.”

“When I was young, I spent several years at a private school where I was told I’d be taught to harness my mutant abilities,” Dwight recalled, pulling out a scrapbook. “Turned out, it was a con man copying Charles Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters from the X-Men comic books. Took me years to figure out it was a con. Some people never figured it out.

“Some people” include that classmate, who confided to the camera, “Oh, I have a few powers: Night-hearing, dogs understand where I point, and our training included picking carrots, scrubbing tubs, sewing imitation Levis, a lot of telemarketing.”

Surely, with all of those new Marvel NOW! titles, there’s room for him on one of the X-Men teams!



I need to see Eric Wareheim in a X-Men book. Marvel make this happen please! (Eric Warehiem is the actor quoted in this article)

The office? Is that lame show still on?

@ Reid

Still makes me laugh. Don’t you have a bridge somewhere to lurk under?

If you can watch Dwight’s deadpan delivery of that memory and NOT crack up hysterically, I would suggest surgery- perhaps a funny one transplant, because you Reid, have no idea what funny is. Maybe you lost it being stuck in the dark so much.

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