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They took the words right out of my mouth: DC certifies its WTF status

DC Comics announced last week that its April superhero comics will be “WTF Certified,” presumably because the month kicks off with April Fool’s Day. In doing so, the publisher made itself the easiest of targets for snide remarks. Let’s take a quick sample of the ones I found in just a five-minute search:

  • “[A]n all-too-apt description of the current state of the publishing company” — The AV Club’s Oliver Sava
  • “I am looking forward to ‘MILF March’ featuring all the superheroes’ mothers” — Mike Sterling
  • “DC has the ability to sell comics to literally anyone with an internet connection now. It’d be nice if their tenor reflected that.” — Kevin Church
  • “The company announced that all 52 of its mainstream titles would have a ‘WTF Certified’ stamp on it, presumably as a wink to fans who have been wondering what the fuck has been going on at DC.” —
  • “This is not a hoax, not an imaginary story, but a certified edgy promotion! The covers are gatefolds, with the “What the” part on the front and the ‘fuck’ part on the inside.” — Heidi MacDonald
  • “Remember how DC is having their mature and genteel ‘WTF Month,’ where the cover is supposed to fold out and make you swear in shock and exasperation … and if children still read DC comics, presumably get your mouth washed out with soap?” — Todd Allen
  • “I thought every month was WTF month at DC?” — about  one-fifth of everyone leaving a comment beneath an online article on the subject

It’s not that weird for DC Comics (or, to be fair, arch-rival Marve), to occasionally be metaphorically walking around with a “Kick Me” sign on its metaphorical back, but it is pretty weird for DC to affix the sign itself  and make such a big, aggressive show of pointing it out to everyone.

So let’s get to kicking them, I guess. But where to start? With the name of the event, naturally.

I honestly can’t believe DC is using the term “WTF” to promote its “all-ages line” of superhero books, which, remember, the publisher itself rates somewhere between “Teen” (“Appropriate for readers age 12 and older. May contain mild … language”) and “Teen Plus” (“Appropriate for readers age 17 and older. May contain … mild profanity”). The word “fuck” can’t appear in context in any of the books — the writers can’t use it in narration, the characters can’t use it in any dialogue — but it will represented on the covers of all of those books?

Here I suppose someone might want to point out that the word “fuck”  itself isn’t technically on the cover, but that is what “WTF” stands for, and merely abbreviating it doesn’t change the meaning one bit. Even after the New 52 reboot and its renumbering of Action Comics and Detective Comics, even after Before Watchmen, I still find “WTF Certified” month completely insane and hard to believe is something that actually exists, and not just an April Fool’s joke poorly executed.

The last time I had such a hard time believing a mainstream publisher was actually putting something like that right on the cover was when Marvel published the hentai tentacle rape cover of Heroes For Hire in 2007. At this point, we’re all well-versed, even semi-deadened, to depravity tucked into the pages of super-comics, but “WTF” on the cover, on every cover? I confess: That surprised me.

Now, the stated goal of the event is include in each and every of those 52 books a big, shocking, surprise moment that will leave readers saying — or tweeting or texting — “WTF?” That is an impossible goal to meet.

Firstly, that’s something most comics writers strive to do on a monthly-ish basis. That is, to choose one of the more extreme cliffhangers of the past 14 months or so — why, the first issue of the new volume of Detective Comics ended with The Joker’s flayed-off face nailed to a wall, right?

I’ve always thought Geoff Johns was especially good at cliffhanger endings, particularly in JSA and Green Lantern. He doesn’t always completely achieve it, but he certainly seems to strive for these “Oh, shit!” moments, as I’ve always referred to them (because “What The Fuck?” is just so strong, implying something completely out of left field, not merely a surprise appearance of an unexpected character, or the introduction of an esoteric plot point).

It’s become increasingly hard for Johns to achieve these, though, as they were generally based in the decades worth of continuity that Johns delighted in playing with, continuity that was done away with during the reboot.  Can all 52 writers or writing teams achieve 52 such endings simultaneously, on command? I’m not much of a gambler, but that’s a bet I’ll bet against, no matter how insanely high the stakes. (52 billion dollars, you say? Sure, put ‘er there, pal!)

DC’s promotion of the branded month of content reveals just how low its bar is for “WTF.”

Here, for example, is one-half of the gate-fold cover for the “WTF Certified” Savage Hawkman #19. The shocking, expletive-eliciting surprise will be on the unseen, right half of that image, and apparently revolves around the identity of who is stabbing Hawkman in the back:

What reveal would elicit a genuine “WTF” response? Does the other half of the cover show a giant hawk with the head of Julius Schwartz holding a lance in his mouth, which it is plunging into Hawkman? Is it Jefferson Pierce, stripped to the waist and wearing a pair of wings on a harness, shouting, “Hawkman? More like Jive Turkey Man, so says the new BLACKHAWK!” in a big dialogue bubble? Is it Rob Liefeld? Flash Gordon? Shadowhawk? Cerebus, drawn by Dave Sim himself as part of a Joe Bennett-Art Thibert-Dave Sim jam cover? Birdman, signaling a surprise entry into the New 52 by the Hanna-Barbera superheroes? (Look for Blue Falcon and Dyno-Mutt on the right half of April’s Batman and Robin cover!) Is it the restless spirit of John James Audubon, as the All-New, All-Different Gentleman Ghost?

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Is it me?

The solicitation text for the issue simply reads “The Secret Society strikes again — but who is the one member strong enough to ground The Savage Hawkman?”

So I guess it’s just going to be some random villain, maybe one from the old DCU making his or her New 52 debut. Doesn’t sound too terribly eyebrow-raising does it? But “Meh Certified” probably didn’t get many voices of support on the conference call that generated this promotion.

All of the solicitation text DC released for April reads like that. “What new member, who threatens to tear the team apart, is welcomed into the New 52?” “What undead menace threatens the lives of the Demon Knights?” “Will a battle of sibling rival mean a death in the family?” And so on–standard stuff, really.

Even the few things DC teased don’t even sound like mildly out-of-the-ordinary plot developments:

• Booster Gold reappears while an entire team disappears
• One team is trapped in a bottle while another is changed completely
• Some heroes change their colors and other change allegiances
• Pandora battles to the death
• A close encounter of The Dark Knight kind
• There’s a new, old Creeper and some old New Gods.
• One hero quits, and another hero dies

What I found especially weird about this, other than the name of the event itself, is that DC announced the branding effort two weeks after it released the solicitations, and there was no indication that anything out of the ordinary was planned, let alone 52 things so far out of the ordinary they will make you say or think a word John Constantine and Swamp Thing aren’t allowed to say any more. At the time, I noticed the covers were mostly incomplete, and that the solicitation text was structure so as to  feature basic, direct questions, but that’s all I got out of it.

Why hold off on that part of the month’s promotion until now? Based on the solicitations, it seemed to have taken shape already, and it isn’t just now being retroactively inserted atop the books. I suppose DC must have been going for a big splash, with mainstream media paying attention in addition to the comics industry press.

It’s not really a best foot forward kind of story, though, is it? Something the publisher might want to the mainstream press to cover? I know I’m kind of embarrassed about the whole thing, and I have nothing to do with DC Comics, beyond reading, reviewing and writing about its products. “The publisher of Batman and Superman comics puts expletives on their covers” doesn’t really seem like the sort of headline or cable news affiliate blurb that would garner positive attention the the publisher’s line of comics, but then, that division of the company has surely been operating under the “There’s No Such Thing As Bad Publicity” philosophy of marketing for a while now.

If the fact that “WTF Certified” month happens to be in April isn’t just a coincidence, but is instead a deliberate attempt to link the event to April Fool’s Day, it’s kind of too bad that’s the best DC could come up with. If you read those April solicitations closely, you’ll notice a bunch of the comics include 1-in-25 variant cover schemes referred to as MAD variant covers by “The Usual Gang of Idiots.”

That’s right, DC does own MAD magazine, huh? Instead of gatefolds with “WTF” stamped on them, DC could just have gone with those parodies by some of the many great cartoonists working for MAD. Or hey, maybe that’s what the surprise on the right half of all those covers really is: It’s Alfred E. Neuman stabbing Hawkman in the back, the right half of The Red Hood’s face is that of Neuman, and so on.

That might be sort of  surprising. More surprising than  The Creeper appearing in The New 52, or Booster Gold returning after a few months of absence or whatever.

But it still wouldn’t be surprising enough to generate a single WTF, let alone 52 of ‘em.



If there was a giant hawk with the head of Julius Schwartz on the other half of the Hawkman cover, I might actually buy Hawkman…

Boy, that was cynical. I will gladly wait to see what DC offers in April and then make a comment.

But then I seem to be the only person on the Internet who still loves DC with a passion.

They could have just quasi-sidestepped this by saying that “WTF” means “within the fold” (of the cover).

It sounds a bit like Jim Shooter’s “I can’t… But I must…”

I was also pretty incredulous at the WTF concept. Levitz wouldn’t have signed off on this, were he still in charge. Whoever is responsible for this promotion should be fired. Editiorial at DC has really gone down the toilet. Where’s the class act DC Comics used to be??

While I do agree the “WTF Certified” promotion might be poorly targeted to younger demographics, I think the part of this promotion that concerns me the most happens to be the fact that these came out after the initial solicitations were made and this may confirm more than deny the reports of editor/writer&artist conflict happening at DC currently. This kind of screams “Pay attention to us!” a little more than, I think, even DC’s fans think they should.

Write good stories. Rely on less gimmicks, DC.

I thought every month was WTF month at DC?

It embarrassingly degrades the DC Comics brand.

@themac: No, it’s edgy and cool, because “TF” secretly stands for “the fuck.”

because clearly, your average 13 or 14 year old will be scarred for life over exposure to an abbreviated naughty word. Then, after being so terribly scarred, they’ll return to their regularly scheduled programming of Gears of War, Call of Duty, and GTA.

This seems like a whole lot of belly-aching and overanalysis for nothing. Is it stupid? Yeah, it’s sort of dumb and naturally, comics fans can’t help but indulge in snark and cynicism at any opportunity. That’s all the more reason why in April, this’ll happen, no one will care, and we’ll all move on with our lives. This is a complete non-event.

The WTF moment for me and my daughter will be the last issue of Superman: Family Adventures in April.

What PK says. If anyone’s actually wringing their hands over the children exposed to WTF you need to get your reality checke.d That’s nothing and wouldn’t even make a 12 year-old blush.

It’s a tongue in cheek play for 1 month and it doesn’t cost you any more. It doesn’t make you buy every single book in a completist mentality. It’s a fun gimmick on the covers. That’s it.

Peronsally I find Marvel’s announcing of yet ANOTHER event before their next one even STARTS to be the more offensive move. Blatant hollow cash grab.

whose gigantic fingers is hawkman’s foot on?

Honestly, I’ve given up trying to figure out when and where DC collectively broke its brain and I strongly suggest the rest of the comic book community does the same. Lets just find other comic book companies that actually improve the medium and let DC Comics and Warner Brothers commit mass company suicide. The less we acknowledge these attention whores, the better.

Y: The Last Nerd

February 5, 2013 at 5:48 pm

Hawkman isn’t being “stabbed in the back” in that shot, he’s having his wing ripped off.

Jon Johnson (Sir)

February 5, 2013 at 5:58 pm

Thank you for concisely saying, with a bit more added snark, what the fuck I’ve been saying since the releases of this sales event broke. Good job.

I have to agree with the posters who say this reflects badly on DC Editorial and DC in general. Zero class.

And yet another website is talking about it. Proving once again that you websites are sheep.

Thanks to DC Comics and its WTF editorial policies: it helps me to not buy anymore a DC Comics book.

I prefer to spend this preserved money to buy original graphic novels/graphic novels from the UK, one of the best European comic books theater. As a French, I already have access to the huge French comic books catalog but no French titles or series has the guts, the balls of the UK comic books titles (except Yiu and Yiu First Missions: bloody/gory/violent/blasphemy/etc. – a must have!!!!).

So, WTF Dc Comics, I really thank you again!!


It certainly appears as though Hawkman’s left wing is missing from the image. Perhaps the WTF moment is simply obvious.

“because clearly, your average 13 or 14 year old will be scarred for life over exposure to an abbreviated naughty word. Then, after being so terribly scarred, they’ll return to their regularly scheduled programming of Gears of War, Call of Duty, and GTA.”

“What PK says. If anyone’s actually wringing their hands over the children exposed to WTF you need to get your reality checke.d That’s nothing and wouldn’t even make a 12 year-old blush.”

Bingo. What is it about the desperate need to criticize whatever DC and Marvel do that turns otherwise intelligent, rational human beings into pursed-lipped, pearl-clutching maiden aunts who faint at the slightest hint of a naughty word?

Remember folks, those who raise a fuss about “rude” words are judgemental prudes, who are guilty of hypocrisy and cant.

Stupid cant.

Bad editorial move and completely unnecessary. I would think with with the Superman movie franchise relaunch two months later DC would try and expand its readership base.

Agreed with the One Wing-less Hawkman as the WTF moment here. You’d think after all the de-winging, re-winging, & de-winging again that Marvel put Angel through, people would’ve expected that sooner.

Either way this is just another example of how bad DC has become since before the New 52 even began. It’s strikingly obvious to more than just myself that they really seem to be flying by the seat of their 4 months in advance pants these days. The attempt at publishing 52 books a month with their current stable of writers & artists doesn’t seem to be succeeding.

How many horribly mediocre books is DC publishing right now? Books that haven’t been able to hold onto the same creative team for 4-5 months since the relaunch not to mention having their creative team rebooted before the books even launch!
Ravagers? Red Hood & the Outlaws? Suicide Squad? Teen Titans? Stormwatch? Team Seven? Deathstroke? Katana? Hawkman? Demon Knights?

I’ve loved DC’s characters & titles for years but haven’t seen a creative glut for their company this bad since the mid 1990’s.. I think this may even be worse bc at least then we had a false sales boom to show for. Funny too that most of the folks in editorial these days are all 1990’s Marvel editorial employees. What an incestuous family.

Oh well, hopefully they’ll wise up in a few years & Super punch back to the Old 52 continuity. I miss Harley Quinn’s real costume.

These guys are destroying DC Comics with their dumb ideas.

dumb idea, but nothing to get worked up over and not diminishing my interest in the stuff of theirs that i do like. one of the “big two” engaged in a stupid cash grab has been par for the course for nearly 30 years…

In my opinion, the real mistake is not the immature nature of DC’s latest publishing stunt. Instead it is the fact that DC would force writers to make shock endings (all in the same month, no less). The best shocking stories grow organically through months of world building and good story-telling. A number of the “new 52″books haven’t even been able to find their creative footing yet, much less lead readers into a truly surprising turn of events.

PK and his followers simply don’t get it. It’s not about the kids. It’s about the fact that DC is doing something this embarrassing without the slightest bit of irony. Thinking that they’re being “cool”. The point that kids no longer find this sort of language remotely daring just adds to the silliness of it. It’s crass, and hammy, and incredibly kitschy. DC has completely lost it at this point. The Didiot was the beginning of the end.

I agree with everyone. When I heard all of these old writers, and editors were hired at DC i was like “WTF!” sorry i couldn’t help it. I thought the whole point of the new 52 was a fresh start.
No disrespect to them, heck I grew up with most of them but really, Scott Lobdell is like late 30’s/ 40’s why is he writing teenagers? Why is Rob Liefeld given the reins of not one but multiple titles?
It seems like DC was last to pick when teams were chosen. I do like some of the 52, but not enough.
I think maybe they should start a #NewNew52.
In this New New 52, creators are hired according to talent and skill and then asked “what would you do?”

Please DC fix this shit!


My WTF moment was when they decided to run off regular readers (Who IF they correct course will NOT return for fear of more. Prices for monthlies is too high any more anyway.)(27 years of Superman books, that I am enjoying reading again in the absence of GOOD new material!) DC comics is now LCD comics (Sorry K. Dwyer.)

I didn’t know my grandfather was still reading comics.

Bellyaching over three letters on a comic book? Surely there are greater concerns in life.

This is what happens when the reins are in the hands of folk like Bob Harras & Dan Didio. Frightening as individuals, terrifying when united. Over the past 12 months various developments under their stewardship continue to devalue the DC brand.

However, the problem that can’t be denied is that crass gimmicks sell comics. Example : zero month. An entire month of ‘filler’ content, that was in most instances, seriously below par. Function : this move was a brilliant way to generate breathing space in their schedules. Result : sales shot up, across the board.

So, we only have ourselves to blame. If we stop buying this crap, only then will they stop churning it out.

I remember a friend if mine mentioning how stupid television and other related things were becoming. I think that was around the year 2000. Man, I’d hate to see comics become as stupid as most tv shows. Comics always seemed to have something more and better. Maybe I’m biased, but there’s no reality shows in comics. People put more work into them. They have more talent than the average television ‘personality’. Seriously.
I don’t want to see comics going down that television path. They are better than that.

By using the f-word consistently in your article, you make CBR unsuitable for kids. Isn’t that something you should think through more carefully? If we’re to be annoyed at DC alluding to swears on their covers, shouldn’t we also be annoyed that comic book websites frequently swear outright?

Charles J. Baserap

February 6, 2013 at 4:01 am

Oh no, they used words! We must ban them because someone arbitrarily decided some words are naughty and their usage will turn our kids to deviant monsters! Quick, burn the books!

How about taking the 3 bucks you were going to spend on the issue and getting a glass of “Get the F Over It” instead?

Kel-El: Bellyaching over three letters on a comic book? Surely there are greater concerns in life.

The WTF month is just one in a series of embarrassing developments since that DiDio, Lee, Jones, Harras and his friends came to power.

Keep that in mind.

Charles Fortier

February 6, 2013 at 4:27 am

It is right up there with the “Silent Month” they did years ago when every comic had no dialog.

well after hearing the premise I certainly muttered WTF…so is a pyraffic (however you spell it, you know what I mean) victory better than none?

I’m a Marvel zombie, and I get sick when they do this crap. I honestly thought DC was better than this. Here’s hoping, but my initial gut reaction is definitely not enthusiastic.

I am looking forward to all the surprises and twists that Marc Maron will bring us as he guest edits and writes the entire line of DC Comics! What the fuck, what the fuckers?!

I love seeing people complain that someone took the time to write an editorial about comic books on a website for editorials about comic books.

If the author here wasn’t joking, the gatefold will say “FUCK” on the inside, so people saying “It’s only a couple letters!” are incorrect.

The entire thing is cheesy beyond belief, and as noted, embarrassing.

I don’t think the point of this article is to tsk-tsk DC for alluding to a “bad word,” but to point out another one of the bizarre choices made by the company in the last ten years. It won’t allow its writers to say the f-word, but it will slap WTF on covers without a hint of irony that it’s not a “cool” “buzz” phrase that all the “hip” “young” “people” are using these days. And that the retroactive branding and a few cover changes and rumors making it seem like another example of editorial forcing writers and artists to change previously approved work to fit new gimmicky mandates.

Although I think DC has long since forgotten the distinction between “mature” storytelling and “13-year-olds feel mature when they see blood and boobs and curse words.” While I like the current Batman arc and all of its horror, I also have never forgotten the Green Lantern issue with Black Hand and the necrophilia and just being repulsed because I would never want to see that kind of stuff in a DC super hero book. Of course, DC doesn’t really trade in heroes any more, but in grim and gritty super-powered a-holes for the most part.

And don’t call me a prudish grandpa — I’m 23.

While i think WTF Month is a stupid sales ploy….

I think its even dumber that so many of you are acting all butt-hurt about it. Ohhhh…..3 little letters offends your sense of decency THAT much? Really? REALLY?

in 2013, everyone knows what WTF stands for. EVEN YOUR KIDS. who aren’t even reading comics anyway.

Relax people.

What, The Fridge?

I wasn’t going to chime in, because frankly I stopped buying Marvel & DC years ago when they began charging nearly 4 bucks a pop for 20 pages of an unfinished, over rendered and (usually) boring story. But after reading comments from PK, Charles J. Baserap, Phillip, etc…

Yeah, yeah, we ALL know. Kids these days. They know what those words stand for, blah, blah, blah…

That’s not the point.
Because if you’re correct, that if what Matt says “I think its even dumber that so many of you are acting all butt-hurt about it. Ohhhh…..3 little letters offends your sense of decency THAT much? Really? REALLY? is true, than why don’t they just have “WHAT THE FUCK?! emblazoned on every cover? Hey, the kids these days know what the F in WTF stands for, comics are sold mostly in Comic Shops so just say what you mean, right?

The point is that DC comics, is so pathetically desperate to grab any readers that the’ve thrown so much garbage at the wall to see if it sticks recently that with this WTF month, they’ve really scraped the bottom of the barrel.

The comics industry, since it’s beginnings in the 1930’s & 40’s have ALWAYS been about grabbing readers and garnering the most sales possible. But at least they had some ounce of creativity, some smattering of fun. Now? It’s embarrassing. Picking up a DC or Marvel comic these days is like leafing through the strange, loaner kid’s notebook in the 7th grade. Poorly drawn characters with no real point. And they have the balls to charge for it.

That’s what’s really pathetic.

Wow, those editorial teams are really BEGGING to be more micromanaged by upper DC Entertainment management, aren’t they….

I’m almost certain they will fail to properly cash in and integrate with all events tying into the ‘Man Of Steel’ campaign phasing.

Everything from the awful Ann Nocenti at dc is WTF

hoping this is an early april fool’s joke….if not….oof!

@Phillip: The WTF month is just one in a series of embarrassing developments since that DiDio, Lee, Johns, Harras and his friends came to power.

I believe that DC Comics characters can be an enormous success on all fronts…… but not with THESE GUYS in charge.

I wonder what ppl would say if Marvel bought back it’s “Nuff Said” theme,-1 issues, and DC bought back its head shots for covers or did Zero issues during the Zero Hour event. Most of you ppl act like you never read a comic before.

DC is now officially an unintentional parody of itself. I would say they have hit bottom but if there is any faith I have left in DC it’s in their ability to get even worse.

It feels incredibly out of touch.

I was so proud for so much of the New 52, but it’s becoming very clear that DC is being run from the top down and it’s age is showing.

Elias Algorithm

February 6, 2013 at 9:57 am

It wouldn’t be so bad if DC had managed, since New 52 started, to make any of this look planned and organic. Instead we’ve gotten nothing but odd, pointless gimmicks (seriously? 52 different covers for Justice League of America?), all the dramatic tension has been in sudden creative team changes, the stories coming out of those exiting the company are invariably negative towards DC editorial (not to mention uniform in the underlying problem), and nothing points to DC knowing what it’s doing. The edge of your seat thrills comics are supposed to bring shouldn’t be whether or not the story will even be finished.

It reminds me of a Groucho Marx quote. “If you have to use profanity to be funny, you’re not funny.”

I suppose it could be “Winning the Future.”

More seriously, I’ve quit DC because of Nu52 destroying the characters I’ve liked since I was a kid. Marvel’s not far behind (I still read X-factor). Maybe it should be Why Try Familiarity?

I agree with many of the sentiments here. While I’m still enjoying a few of the New 52 books (particularly Batman, Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Animal Man), I have dropped more over the last year than I’ve picked up. And honestly, when I first heard about this latest gimmick it made me feel like I’m going to be embarrassed to buy any DC books in April just because the “WTF Certified” slogan is so damn lame. Some may disagree, but a lot of these cheesy gimmicks and editorial problems really feel like Bob Harras has way too much control over the content of the books (like he did with Marvel in the 90s).

“I’m going to be embarrassed to buy any DC books in April just because the “WTF Certified” slogan is so damn lame.”

That’s my response to this as well. I can’t say it will affect my buying habits, though. I’m already only reading a few DC series in collected editions (Lemire’s Animal Man, Snyder’s Swamp Thing, Morrison’s Action Comics, Cornell’s Demon Knights) and this stupid gimmick won’t affect that at all. I’ll be dropping those books when the current writers leave anyway.

I think they really should have stuck with something closer to what they were initially calling it… I wish they called it the “Holy $#!+!:” (or some other random assortment of non-alphanumerics) month…
Two comic book nods: the play on Robin’s tendency to say “Holy —-, Batman” and the fact that $#!+ was the way that we used to do profanity in comics. But, yeah, that ain’t edgy and hip as using mainstream abbreviation. However, the fact that no one in their corporate and marketing structure understood that often the underlying connotation of “WTF” is incredulity at the stupidity of someone else’s decisions means that they aren’t nearly as in touch, edgy, “hip” or modern as they are trying desperately to market toward. Something like “Holy $#!+!” conveys more of the stunned surprise that they should have gone for.

Most of these comments reveal that many of you missed the point of the article:

Yes, the f-word use is crass, but the bigger problem is that it will be impossible to produce 52 wtf-inducing moments. Making promises you can’t keep to an already-disillusioned fan base is not smart business.

Yes, kids know what it means, and DC shouldn’t be overly concerned with how 12-year-olds react.

DC should be concerned with how Fox News reacts and influences every right-wing parent in America to reject comics for their children as inappropriate.

And, no I don’t care about the fact that it’s a gimmick or that it’s profanity. It’s stupider than ‘Nuff Said or Zero Months because it’s embarrassing in a way similar to your grandpa putting on saggy ass pants and a backwards baseball cap and Ocean Pacific shirts ‘cuz that’s what he thinks he saw the cool kids do on TV shows set in the mall in the 1990s.

I think the really sad part is that just having a month where every book has fold out covers is a good idea. They could have just used a slogan like, “hey everyone, twice the cover for the same price!” By using the WTF branding they just open themselves up to the same old well deserved trash talk.

Yeah because those warning labels on video games and music deterred so many ppl in the past. And for the argument that DC isnt gonna be able to produce WTF-inducing moments. Majority of comic fans think they are smarter then the ppl that work on them and hate everything that DC or Marvel do. So of course they are gonna say “Yawn,that’s stupid.I totally saw that coming” No matter what DC does the so called”smart fans” aren’t gonna care.

The smart fans don’t want these clowns messing around.

I see what DC’s doing here. In a similar vein, they should do a Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, with a month of “Save the Ta-Tas” covers!

DC is S.D.G.A.F. Certified. As in “Still Don’t Give A…”

Inspired by CBR’s “Shelf Porn” column, DC execs decide to get a little naughty…

I’m ok with them stamping WTF on the books as long as they take the ugly Arrow banners off of them.

It’s yet another shameful tactic on the part of DC; another weak attempt to be “relevant” and “cool.” It’s an offensive phrase, with an offensive word. If one doesn’t find it offensive then it shows a lack of education in adequately expressing oneself, and it is indicative of the times we live in. It is sad that comic books such as Superman and Supergirl were suitable for all ages, and even when there was a story showcasing depth, an adult didn’t have to question whether it was safe for a child to read. Those heroes, for example, were icons of truth, justice, and hope, inspiring generations of children to dream of flying and that the bad guys would be defeated. I’m not suggesting that comic books aren’t allowed to be geared more toward an adult audience but when there are few alternatives, it is disheartening. DC Comics still market to a younger audience, and more toys, such as Squinkees, or in other media, such as cartoons, are becoming more New 52 in style. Thus, the next logical thing to do would be to expect that children buy their comics. With Superman Family Adventures, Tiny Titans and Young Justice cancelled, there is even less of a choice for young readers to enjoy these heroes’ adventures, as well as many others. With DC extending itself as a family brand, and with some titles appearing next to Sonic and The Muppets at Walmart (for example) newsstands, having a phrase (even one abbreviated) containing a still-considered vulgar word in it is indeed a problem. I had thought I might actually pick up a few issues despite my disdain for the New 52, but with this poor excuse of a gimmick from DC, I won’t be.

In addition, I agree with the comments pointing out that “WTF!” isn’t so much an expression indicating awed approval and excitement but, rather, an expression indicative of confusion, bewilderment, and overall disdain for something that someone has done. Unless the fold out cover (yet another 1990’s gimmick) shows Oprah Winfrey stabbing Hawkman or Betty Boop taking a dump as she watches Kara of Earth-2 cradle the lifeless form of her counterpart, then I doubt it’ll induce a reaction as they’ve “certified.” In addition, why not just “What The …” and let the reader fill in the blank on hir own? Oh, right! That wouldn’t be so “shocking!” So, “cool!” Hmm, maybe next month, to show how “with it” they are, Superman will wear a band-aid on his cheek and the Batcave can sport some inflatable furniture.

«Je vais acheter la voiture, l’emporter en morceaux et j’ai commencé un gars travailler sur le moteur", a déclaré Priscilla.

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