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Vertigo announces ‘The Unwritten’ graphic novel

unwritten-tommy taylor

Vertigo will expand upon Mike Carey and Peter Gross‘ acclaimed fantasy series The Unwritten in September with an original graphic novel called The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor & the Ship That Sank Twice. According to MTV Geek, the two collaborators will be joined on the project by illustrators Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon, and series cover artist Yuko Shimizu.

Debuting in October 2009, The Unwritten follows Tom Taylor, the model for his father’s insanely popular Tommy Taylor fantasy novels who, as a troubled adult, discovers he’s actually the boy-wizard made flesh, and sets off on an exploration of fame and the lines between reality and fiction. The Unwritten #47 goes on sale Feb. 27.

Here’s the official description for The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor & the Ship That Sank Twice: “Exploring the Tommy Taylor novels in a visceral and direct way, this hardcover provides a great entry point for new readers and fans of classic literature. We pull back the curtain on how Tommy’s father, Wilson Taylor, devised his subversive literary masterpiece and reveal the blueprint of how a father gives his son vast power in order to accomplish a wider scheme. Partly told through Wilson’s harsh, intoxicating journal entries and juxtaposed with Tommy’s swashbuckling deep sea adventures with his trusty companions Peter and Sue, the story is at once a prequel and a parallel story to the ongoing series.”



Well that just sounds great! Between this and the Fables “crossover”? Yes.

Sounds pretty awesome

Love these OGN announcements from Vertigo! The Unwritten is a great read!

I’m actually kind of trepidatious about the Fables crossover, not being a Fables reader, but this just sounds great.

AWESOME !! I am a huge fan of Mike Carey, so news of more work from him is always a delight.
Speaking of which, he is releasing a new ongoing series through Boom ! in May called Suicide Risk. It looks incredible and it will be great to see Mike Craey writing super-powered characters again.

Highly looking forward to this

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