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Wonder Woman kicks Nazi butt in amazing fan trailer


Considering Warner Bros.’ hand-wringing about the long-planned Justice League movie and The CW’s uncertainty about the Amazon pilot, it may be some time before we see a live-action Wonder Woman on the screen. Until that day, we’ll have to make do with the well-produced fan trailer directed by stuntman Jesse V. Johnson that evokes the first season of the Lynda Carter television series by pitting Wonder Woman (Nina Bergman) against a bunch of Nazis.

After some torture and interrogation (the latter at the hands of Peter Stormare, no less), Wonder Woman naturally unleashes on her former captors, and even brings down a fighter plane. Maybe this is what The CW is looking for!

“It was my manager/producing partner Kailey Marsh’s idea to shoot the trailer,” Johnson explained to Latino Review. “She really believes I should be a studio director, and thought shooting Wonder Woman would be a great way to show off my skills in a fun way that people could get excited about.”

There’s also a concept poster by Robert Sebree, which you can see below, along with the trailer.

wonder woman poster



Some bondage, a little hint of lesbianism: Marston would approve.

A Wonder Woman movie should be fairly easy to pull off, shouldn’t it?? I don’t understand what all the studios and such are fretting over. She’s got the ass kicking abilities of Batman with superhuman powers…plus she comes from the world of Greek myth. It doesn’t really matter what time period you place the movie in because it has the “fish out of water” premise regardless. She’s a gorgeous, powerful woman that hails from an island populated solely by gorgeous, powerful women. She has the love interest in Steve Trevor. Make the villain be Ares or Hades or Cerci (or all three!) backing the Nazis or whatever armed force you like and away you go. Money in the bank.

I think the premise is good, but honestly, every time I see a live action version, her costumes just look plain ridiculous. How can someone be expected to perform as a superhero in an outfit like that. Her top is just too impractical and I seriously think that affects the story telling in this case. The comics and cartoons work because they’re clearly not real, but live action is just too obvious. Until some type of redesign is made for live action, it’s just not going to fly. Sucks though, the character has earned her screen time.

Nice. Once again the fans come through!

Fan films typically come off as really cheesy to me but this one is definitely A LOT better than the majority of them.,

I think this is well done! It’s more gritty and kick-ass. Toned down look to it! Just stars on the tiara and bracelets! None on her shorts! Maybe just a little to short but forgiving! Wonder Woman can be done!

I always thought Jamie McKelvie’s design was a good compromise of Colour and functionality :

Fantastic. Blown up and with a bigger budget, I think this would work. But what do I know?

Isn’t voiceover Marina Sirtis?

*A-hem*, that is to say, “Is the voiceover at the end Marina Siritis?”

For a fan flick it’s pretty good. But a a piece on Wonder Woman, I can’t get behind it. She comes off way too much like Xena. My idea Wonder Woman is what George Perez wrote. For an actress, I’d say Olga Kurylenko is my current fav.

All right, but can we make her a modern-day CEO trying to balance career and relationships? Maybe stick her in some metallic-blue Spandex pants? Alternatively, what if she was a teenager trying to fit in at a new high-school? Something like that and we might be able to get it green-lit.

Color me impressed. That was great, especially for a fan made trailer. The little boy shorts were a bit off (not that I’m complaining, mind you) for a character we’re supposed to take seriously, but other than that, it was awesome. The double take down was my favorite part. And she was a damn good Wonder Woman.

superhero costumes have always been hard to transition into live action, but whoever did it for Captain America got it bang on. they should be in charge of all costumes forever.

Eh too much like marvel’s Captain america. Can we try to make WW doing her own thing? Not a rip of a marvel? mythology first for me and she’s weak power wise too.

I think “realism” and “practicality” are not words to be used when dealing with superheroes. Leave her costume as is.

One word should be very important: spectacle.

This was spectacular. I just don’t get why DIANA was so WEAK…She should have thrown a truck at that plane…

It was well done.

Bronze Age Baby-68

February 27, 2013 at 11:29 pm

Impressive, well done.
Proving once again that movies studios are run by ass-clowns, and fan-boys are over critical and filmmakers with true passion friggin RULE!!!!!!! :)

If you take Wonder Woman out of that trailer it’s pretty decent.

So, I’m going to be the first jackass to mention how she looked in that outfit, huh? I’m slightly proud of you all and slightly ashamed of myself.

Capabilities and presence are important but that booty was distractingly flat. If you’re going to cast someone with such a bad assitude, then don’t show it.

Do everything you can to deaccentuate it – like Sarah Jessica Parker’s nose or Mayim Bialik’s…everything.

FWiW, I was similarly critical of Routh’s Superman physique (although not his butt, specifically).

Such a great video. Great efeects coreography and camera work…….. and all wasted on Wonder Woman. Everything about her is just so out-dated. Her costume, her bracelets, her stupid ass, invisible jet. She needs an entire overhaul, if the studios are planning to make some money at all.

The trailer was nice and shows that WW can be well done on screen. If a fan can do this, surely Hollywood could do as well? Then again, the WB Batman films aren’t nearly as true to Batman as Sandy Collora’s works.

As for the costume, why is it people are so afraid of putting comic accurate costumes on film? It worked well for Rami’s Spider-Man and even Reeve’s Superman holds up. Comic costumes work very well on film when done well. Don’t be afraid to be what you are.

There’s no need for updating WW. The character is not out-dated at all, she’s a classic and and icon and as such, never goes out of style. WW and Superman and Batman set the style and they always have.

Too bad we will never see a Wonder Woman live action film as long as WB owns the rights. I wish WB would sell DC comics and then we would see a flood of DC-related movies. WB executives are the sole reason we haven’t seen a Wonder Woman or Justice League movie.

Well done! To be honest the whole ‘speed-up-slow-down’ action motif really doesn’t work for me, but otherwise it looks like you had a lot of fun on set and came up with a great piece!

“her costumes just look plain ridiculous.”

No more ridiculous than Stone Cold Steve Austin (pro wrestling) or George St. Pierre (MMA) who wear short trunks to fight in. If the problem is her top, this trailer didn’t show that to be a problem.

Fan films are great. Remember the guys who made that awesome STREET FIGHTER short from a year or so ago? Fan films don’t have to worry about marketing budgets or merchandising or theater counts… imagination is all they need.

dear wb throw money at this and get a real movie done with this wrtier director it’s a billion times closer than I think you’d get

@mk Traditionally WW was beating on Nazi’s before Cap.

“No more ridiculous than Stone Cold Steve Austin (pro wrestling) or George St. Pierre (MMA) who wear short trunks to fight in.”

That’s really not an argument in favor of WW’s costume.

It had nice production values but despite the serious music, gunplay, and gritted teeth, WW herself came across every bit as cheesy as in the worst nightmares of Warner Bros. execs.

watch THE RAID REDEPTION to learn how to shoot a fight or a JACKIE Chan movie

I don’t understand the appeal of this for me BIG FAIL

I think some of you are missing the subtext of the trailer. The main setting is modern day, with a few flashbacks thrown in (think: the television show “Kung Fu”, but starring WW instead). But in both cases, WW is a an Amazonian who is out of her element, but has a calling to defend victims of patriarchy, whether it is doing war time or peace time. In fact, I can see a scenario where WW has to learn that not every problem can be solved by the use of force. Hence, you have an ongoing story where WW can grow as a character. And just because WW has traveled into the world in the past, that doesn’t mean everything she will face is the same, or that she will be treated the same. In fact, she would be disappointed how humanity, in all its sophistication, has gotten worse in spirit. Thus, I can see her hiring a publicist and manager to help her promote her message of peace. Also, I have no problem with WW using guns in this trailer, since their use was set during WW2. Otherwise, I don’t see her using them at all, given her level of fighting skills.

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