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10 weeks after stroke, Peter David ‘is making steady progress’

peter davidTen weeks after suffering a stroke, Peter David “is making steady progress,” able to take a train into New York City for a meeting — and even return to bowling.

“He was able to navigate the house with minimal help when he got home and now he is pretty much able to get around on his own,” his wife Kathleen David wrote today on his blog. “This is a big considering we were talking building wheelchair ramps and the like so he could get into the house when we were first talking about getting him home.”

The 56-year-old writer had a stroke Dec. 29 while in vacation in Florida, losing control of the right side of his body. Following rehabilitation in Florida and now out-patient therapy in New York, Kathleen said his right arm and leg are growing stronger each day.

“He has been working hard at his out-patient therapy,” she wrote. “He goes twice a week and then does exercises on the days that he is not in therapy. It is not easy and we have our good days and our bad days but we have days which is a blessing indeed.”

For those interested in helping David and his family with medical expenses — he has health insurance, but there are co-pays to contend with — there’s information on his website detailing how.



I wish him the best of luck. Great writer! I will always remember his amazing run of Young Justice.

One of my great heroes. A master of comedy and drama. The world would be smaller if we’d lost him, I’ve very glad that’s still a ways off.

Way to go, PAD! Keep up the good work.

I’ve spent the better part of my life being entertained by Peter David’s novels, comics, and various television episodes. I wish him and his family well.

Glad to hear it!

This is such great news. THANK YOU for posting this update.

In recent years it has been really sad becoming resigned to the fact that another fine writer, Paul Zimmerman, will never return from his own stroke. I’m so glad for David and his family that his recovery is showing so much more promise.

Keep going PAD! Best wishes for a speedy and healthy recovery!

Wraith, I consider myself a sports fan to some extent. And in the past year I started reading Sports Illustrated (SI) again after having not read it since the late 1980s, but I will have to admit I had never heard of Paul Zimmerman before your comment. Sounds like the kind of person I should dive through the SI vault to read (a treasure trove on many levels). Sorry that a stroke has robbed the man of the ability to write and enjoy life to a full level with his loved ones.

To echo your sentiments, I am also grateful that PAD’s recovery is progressing so well.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with him and his family. I just hope this recovery continues to go well. He one of my favorite writers and they are few comics I have read from him that I didn’t like,

Keep on fighting, Mr. David!

This is good to hear.

Keep at it PAD and get better real quick.

Way to go PAD! We’re all rooting for you. Thanks for being awesome and hope you get back to 100% soon.

We’re all wishing mr. David good health and a speedy recovery, his work on incredible hulk helped define and humanaize the charecter through some very important years. All the best PAD. You’re a true talent of the industry and we all appreciate your work.

GREAT news!

PAD, stay strong, stay positive and stay focused.

Here’s to your 100% recovery.

nice to hear david is making progress day to day for a talent like him doubtful would let something like a stroke stop him for good.

Great News!

One of my favorite writers and a great person. Wishing him continued success in his recovery.

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